The Festival of Quilts 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since I visited The Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC. Holidays and School Holidays have got in my way of being able to sit back and reflect on my first experience at this world-famous Quilt show. The week before attending I took a moment to think about what I wanted to achieve from the show and today I’m looking back to see if I got out of it what I wanted to.

The Fussy Cutting Sew Along Quilt

For the past 9 months I’ve been sewing along with a group of 50+ ladies from all over the world and our “leader” Naomi took our hexie flowers and made them into a quilt to enter into in the show. One of my missions was to find it and have my picture taken with it.

After 3 hours traveling with baby CABS and my Mum to the show we entered straight into the competition Quilts room and found the quilt within a couple of minutes!! Here I am with it:

karen in front of the fussy cutting sew along quilt

It really is beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s selfie with it during and after the festival.  I’ve heard rumours of a second group quilt coming so that’ll be exciting.

On the Day

As I just mentioned I had baby CABS at 9 months she was almost a dream baby. She had her moments but on a whole she did surprisingly well attached to me most the day. You may have spotted us crawling around the competition Quilts later in the day:

Baby CABS at the quilt show crawling the floors

It was hard work with her and I probably didn’t see and do everything I could have while I was there but I’m new to the quilt show so would probably have been to overwhelming for me anyway!

I’m in awe of most of the work I saw from so many talented people. I made a clear rooky mistake and failed to make a proper note of who’s quilts I was photographing. I now have a whole host of gorgeous photos and can’t really give the makers credit so if you know them please let me know!

Here’s some of my favourite things:

a selection of modern quilts I loves

a selection of more quilts i loved

The 1718 Silk Coverlet

At 300 years old this piece of patchwork, behind barriers, was pretty amazing to see. For something to have survived this long with great meaning is fascinating. I adored all the modern interpretations of the coverlet too.

the 1718 patchwork coverlet quilts

It’s making me think I like this kid of hodge podge of patchwork without a definite design.  Call it muddled or messy, I think that might be how I live my life!!


Everything was pretty inspiring but I was on the look out for inspiration of ways to quilt for my half-inch hexie quilt.  I completely missed one that my Mum showed me after which would have been perfect to examine.   These (I know not all hexie) are what I found.

a slection of hexie style quilts

Looking at all the quilts has helped me come up with my final plan for the half-inch ispy hexie quilt that I am making.  It is taking shape now so keep an eye on my instagram feed for its progress.  I’ll share it with you very soon but won’t be finished until next year.

There you have my Festival of Quilts show round-up.  It was such a long but brilliant day getting to hang out with loads of like-minded talented people. Exploring with my Mum and daughter and generally being inspired.   I got to meet one lovely lady in person that I have met on my phone through Instagram but would have loved to meet more.  Maybe next year I’ll get to go for longer and child free then I’ll be able to do more.

Yes, I will be sticking around and yes I will be coming again.  I’m already contemplating competition quilts to enter myself.  Watch this space…

** I did receive free entry into the festival, all opinions are my own and was not asked to write anything for the show**

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