The Eden Project

The Eden Project has been high up on my list of places that I’d love to visit.  Being about 300 miles away from where I live it’s always been a little too far to go on a day trip!  Over Christmas though I got my chance.  We took off to Cornwall to stay at Coombe Mill for the Christmas break.  10 whole days, and The Eden Project was on my MUST do list!

We booked our ticket online the day before we were due to visit.  You get 10% off he ticket price.  If it was Summer we’d have opted to go by public transport or bike as you get a further concession on the price too.  As it was the darkest day of the year we drove there instead.

There is plenty of car park space and a shuttle bus too and from the entrance.   I’ve obviously seen the domes of the Eden Project in pictures so thought we’d spot them really quickly.  It’s so clever though as the site is within an old quarry you can’t actually see the main attraction until you step through the ticket entrance on to a viewing platform.  Such an awe-inspiring view when you do see it:

domes of the eden project - the first view of them

I have probably not done the place justice in my photos but if you watch my video a bit later in the post it might help. We went in the Rainforest Biome first and it was amazing.  Such a variety of lush green plants and vegetation.  The odd bird floating around too.  Which of course the Robot loved to say duck duck at.

Throughout the walk ways you get little snippets of information and art work.  I really loved these totem poles by the West African sculptor El Anatsui.  Totally worthy of a spot on the blog:

Totem poles

The many different levels in the Biome surprised me.  The walkways weave around the Rainforest very cleverly.  As you head up into the heights of the trees you get a real sense of what a real Rainforest would look like.   If you’re feeling particularly daring you can head up into the rooftops on to the viewing platform you can see just above my head here:

family shot at in the rainforest area

The steps wobble as you go up them but when you get to the top you feel like you are in the sky!  It was awesome perspective on the place.  Over all the Rainforest was my favourite section of the Eden project.

hanging sculptures

Before lunch we headed into the Mediterranean biome where we sat on a bench and watched the visitors walk by.  It was a perfect opportunity to let the Robot just have a bit of a wander about poking the plants.   I think because we’ve been to the med before this biome wasn’t as fascinating.  It was a nice place to relax though.

We had lunch at the Eden Project in their restaurant.  It was tasty and reasonably priced. There isn’t a lot on the menu though, the Robot had pizza off my plate and we’d packed him a little snack pot or two to keep him fed.  However there was a kids menu.

The view of the eden project domes through a frame

After lunch we headed outside to explore the gardens.  We wanted to do the whole project and caught the road train back up to the main entrance so that we could walk back down the Earthly Treasures slopes. There were lots of fun entertaining bits that we and the Robot could play with on the way.

The Robot pretty much walked all of it so you can imagine how long it took with an 18 month old but it was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon.  December drizzle!

huge tractor wheel sculpture

We went at Christmas so there was a grotto and ice skating rink available.  We didn’t bother with this as the Robot was content with the tractor.

robot on a carved wooden tractor

Before we left we went to explore The Core, an educational section.  We spent quite a while in here because of the seed exhibit.  A giant carved seed the the Robot loved to run around.  This features at the end of the video.

Overall we had an amazing day and it is truly amazing.   A Summer visit must make it a very different experience so if we’re ever in Cornwall in the Summer I’ll request to go again.  I still can’t quite believe how hidden away it is!

artwork with view of domes in the backgrouns

Have you ever been to the Eden Project?  Let me know what you thought!


  1. It looks like you had a fab time exploring the Eden Project, it is a wonderful place to explore especially with little ones. Over the years it has grown so much, I definitely advise another trip there if you’re ever back down here, you’ll find lots of new and undiscovered parts! I love the video of The Robot running around the seed sculpture, it looks like he really enjoyed himself.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.
    Coombe Mill recently posted…Country Kids 7th January 2017My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Ha ha thanks Fiona, yes he had a wail of a time exploring and we just let him go where he pleased. One tired boy at the end of the day. I’d definately go back for a summer visit because I bet there will be more plants and things to see. 🙂

  2. I had not hear of the Eden Project (I live in Texas). It looks like an amazing place to visit. How neat to step out of the wintry weather into such lush greenery. Robot looks like he had a great time exploring. Happy New Year! #countrykids

    1. isntitpretty

      We completely timed our visit wrong, we got up early and went early so by mid afternoon we had to leave. I would have liked to see the laser show but to see it as it was anyway was pretty special!

  3. This really does seem like one of those must visit places. I have only ever seen it on a DVD that I had from before, but it really is fascinating. I’ve always imagined it to be very very hot in summer though? It looks like you had a fantastic visit, I have enjoyed reading all about your amazing Christmas! #countrykids
    chocolateandwineandillbefine recently posted…Our Boxing Day WalkMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you. Yes I imagine it would be too hot in summer. They have cold rooms that you can go in inside the biomes to cool down and water fountains dotted about. It must get really hot. Add it to your wish list of places to visit. It’s awesome!

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