The Baby Trap

Today has been an uphill struggle, I am surprised that I have achieved anything.  I’ve actively sought out being baby trapped!  Those early days when all the Robot would do is sleep on me are long gone.  It used to be a pain getting trapped by a sleeping baby, it always used to happen when I needed the toilet, I needed feeding or I was longing for that rare cup of “hot” tea!

Robot slept through last night, yes he really did, I however did not!  My feet are dragging today and the last thing I wanted to do is function like a normal adult!

So at 9.30 this morning when Robot decided to fall asleep, I let him cuddle in, I swung my feet around and we had a nap together!  Bliss!  Roll on 3pm Robot fell asleep on me again, rather than expertly slide him off me so I could wash up, I snuggled in again and enjoyed the trap!

Tomorrow will be a productive day, for now I need pretend that I have done lots by assembling some form of meal in 30 minutes before Dave comes home…



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