The ABC123 Challenge 

Welcome to the ABC123 Challenge.

This is not new to me, back in 2016 I gave this a go as a way to find my writing voice and get into the swing of creating regular blog posts.  3 blogs a week, each week a different letter of the alphabet.  It really worked, I got creative trying to think of things for each letter, I enjoyed it, I found a writing style I was happy with.

26 weeks 78 posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet. Each week, 3 posts based on child’s play, something random and cooking.  Sounds a bit crazy? You’re right! Even though I enjoyed it I completely failed.  Yes I failed to keep it all up.

Very early on I realised I’m not a food blogger and coming up with a recipe each week was soul-destroying. Also the random post fell at the wayside too, it didn’t interest me.  The only thing I kept up was the child’s play and you can see all 26 posts here:

26 Ways to PLAY with your baby - Follow the letters of the alphabet in this fun challenge

The thing is, failing didn’t matter to me at all, I was writing regularly and enjoying it!  Most weeks I was writing 3 or more blogs just not sticking to the alphabet.

In 2017 the blog took a bit of a hiatus, I took my foot off the pedal and did the bare minimum.  I grew and had a baby, 2017 was the year I needed sleep.  Roll on 2018 and I want to jump start my creative juices and give my blog some attention and I’d love to take you along for the ride!

The #ABC123Challenge is starting again and I’d love it if you joined me…Tailor it to your needs, choose your own themes and things to write about. Don’t blog? Just join in on Instagram.  Going away? Catch up another week, drop a week, there is no pressure to perform just do what you can!

I’ll be following these adventures over on Instagram… use the hashtag #ABC123Challenge.  Tag me at @TwoTinyMakes or @TwoTinyHands on Instagram so I can keep an eye on you.  Give some love and support to the community by checking out the hashtag to see what others are doing.

ABC123Challenge Dice

Now pick your challenge and let me know your what you’re planning in the comments below.  Will you do all 3, blog it, post on Instagram a bit of both, it’s your choice.  Feel free to copy me, I’m doing the following:

A bit of childs play {ACTIVITY}

Playing with a baby can get monotonous at times. Broaden your horizons and come up with some different ideas to keep your little one entertained. Have you passed the baby age? Adapt it to your toddlers, school age, teenagers. It’ll be great to see what you come with. Pinterest is your friend!

This was my favourite bit last time and now I’ve got 2 children I am excited to try it again to see how I can adapt my ideas to include them both! This will be blogged.

Be what you want it to be {BE}

This element is up to you. As long as it corresponds with your letter of the week, it counts! Want to talk about babies, love, life the world go ahead it’s entirely up to you.  I spent an entire year writing a gratitude blog each week in the form of Happy Days.  It became a monthly thing last year but now I’m bringing it back weekly and adapting it to write for this challenge.

Creative  {IT’S TIME TO CREATE }

Have a go at getting creative each week.  Cooking, crafting, sewing anything it’s up to you.


We will be starting week beginning 5th February with the letter A!  I do hope you can join me?

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  1. What a great idea! I can see that it could be a tough challenge to complete! We often play the alphabet game with the kids in the car. “I went on holiday and I packed a….” (you then have to think of something starting with each letter of the alphabet and remember what everyone else has said)

    I share art and sensory ideas on my Instagram, Facebook page and website so I could share creative ideas. I’ll give it a go! #FamilyFunLinky

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