Sticky Wall Flower Picture

I first saw Louise from Little Hearts Big Love using sticky back paper to make stained glass windows and have been waiting for the opportunity to try it. Unfortunately though our windows are not low enough so I opted to just use the wall…

Sticky Wall Flower Picture

It being spring now I am inundated with garden magazines and brochures for flowers and seeds. They normally head straight for the recycling bin.  This year though I decided to put them to good use.

During a rare nap time moment I sat and cut out flowers over a cup of tea.  I put them in a bowl and set up the wall.

You can get sticky back plastic from most craft shops. Cut a large square and then carefully masking tape it to your wall. Sticky side facing out.

Sticky Back plastic wall with cut out flowers

It’s really simple and I just had to wait for the Robot to wake up to give it a try.  It took a while for the Robot to notice the set up so a little persuasion from me and he was all over it.

Robot reaching and sticking flowers onto the sticky back plastic

We’ve not really got into stickers yet for play so this was a really good idea for reverse sticking.  It didn’t matter that he scrunched up the flowers when picking them up because they themselves have no stick.

It was interesting to watch him do this because as an adult I’d have been sticking the flowers into the sticky space. The Robot however just tried sticking to the same area trying to stick flowers on top of flowers.

More RObot sticking flowers to the sticky back plastic

There you have it a slight variation to the stained glass window but one that works just as well.  It kept him out of mischief for a little while as well.

Here is the finished art work:

Sticky wall art Flower picture

Amazing I know!  I often get junk mail through the letter box, I bet I could come up with some interesting themes of sticky wall art.  Just imagine election time when all the Vote For Me! letters come!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this?  You will have to let me know if you give it a try.  It really is a simple one!


  1. This is a fun idea. Little H loves stickers and if she sits down for a session she’ll go through loads in about 5 mins. And, as you say, always sticking them on top of each other or scrunching them up. The number of times I’ve been asked to ‘fix’ a sticker which has been folder in half and glued itself shut. I think I have some stick backed plastic at home so I might try this. She’s into tools right now (her current “books” are Screwfix and Tool Station catalogues) so perhaps I can cut some pics out from there. Great idea! #FamilyFunLinky
    Angela Watling (Life, Motherhood and Everything) recently posted…Memories I want my daughter to haveMy Profile

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