Sticky Velcro Lolly Sticks

Sticky Velcro Lolly Sticks

It’s been ages since I have shared with you any of our playful adventures on the blog. Partly because we have been enjoying the outdoors now the winter has gone and partly because I am just too cream cracked to even try to document any of our projects while we do them.   I have loads of photos stored up but never the enthusiasm to write about them.  Today I am trying a bit harder by sharing our sticky velcro lolly sticks.

As I have said many times before I am a bit of a Pinterest fiend.  If you need inspiration on anything I urge you to go take a look!  I have a bit of a habit of soaking up all the fun ideas and pictures on Pinterest but not actually taking any note of where I find the ideas.   So this one is made up from the many velcro lolly stick pins that I have seen along the way…

The best thing about this is it’s really simple and can get as adventurous as you want, I’ll get onto different ideas near the end, I’ve kept this simple today.    The items you need are easily found in any crafting shop and I’ve had the lolly sticks in my cupboard for a while now.  The velcro dots were bought for this Velcro Puzzle Game.  Two things: ta da:

pile of sticks and my velcro dots

Since the Robot dropped his day time naps it means that anything I try to make in the day time is automatically joined by him.  Not a messy activity though I didn’t mind his help.

Hopefully you are familiar with velcro (where have you been if you haven’t!), it has a soft side and a hook side.   You need one of each on each stick on different sides of the stick.  This means you can build and join things together easy enough.  The Robot loved peeling the “sticks” off of the dot strip for me and it wasn’t long before we got a few built up.  He instantly wanted to play with them and start to join them up.

Velcro dots with dots stuck on

If you know him well the joined up sticks soon became train tracks, so while I continued to put velcro on the lolly sticks the Robot collected his trains and cars and played next to me happily.

As he built I suddenly saw an error in my plan.  By sticking one of each dots on either side it meant all that we could do was build shapes that were “circular”.  We needed to build some sticks that means we could join other sticks together.  A bit of trial and error I decided to stick a soft side on one side at both ends and hook dots on the other side.  This works and makes a really good train track…

Lolly sticks made into train track

Gosh my son must love me pandering to his love of trains!!  Not long after though I destroyed the track I had lovingly made, used up all the sticky dots and finished.   We started to explore what kind of shapes we could make with the sticks.

This is where I was quite surprised how many shapes the Robot already knew without me prompting him.  My favourite and not photographed was a house.  I think you can imagine it though, a square and a triangle joined together.  Dave arrived home just as I finished making these so the Robot instantly got distracted with what he was doing so I’ve put them away for another day.

Pile of lolly sticks with velcro dots on and example of shapes - triangle and square

As I mentioned above I kept this incredibly simple for the time being.  The Robot is not quite 2 so I think there is time to build on this activity later.  Some other ideas I’ve got to expand on this:

  • Colours – Colour the sticks so he has to join them together
  • Number – Number the so he has to stick them in the right order
  • Maths – Math symbols so he has to find the answers
  • Alphabet – For consecutive alphabet sequence
  • Words – to make sentences.

I’m pretty sure that you could do a lot more with them and I’d be interested to know if you have any other ideas?  Have you come across this before?  It is a good busy bag idea and I am sure I will be bringing it out the cupboard every now and then for the Robot to play with in the future.





  1. Karen I love this. Molly will love it too. I will definitely be trying it. She loves trains too so would probably want to make a track out of them. She also has a weird obsession with lollipop sticks! Haha. We bought some for crafting months ago and she claimed them as one of her toys before we did any crafting. I really dont know why I buy her expensive toys when she has more fun with things like lollipop sticks. Haha. Your ideas for using the sticks for maths etc if a brilliant idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Haha. #FamilyFunLinky
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…Did somebody press fast forward? It is nearly Molly’s third birthday .My Profile

  2. Ohhh
    My son isn’t quite 2 yet either and sometimes activities like this ane crafts can just be a bit too beyond his age and he gets bored so I’m really glad I saw something simple like this that suits him. I think there needs to be more crafts and activities like this for younger ages like ours 🙂 thanks for sharing

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