Sticky Nature Cards – Fathers Day

It’s Day 14 of The Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Challenge and today we are going to have a go at making a sticky nature Fathers Day card.  We got the idea from @CraftInvaders, go and have a look at how it’s done on their blog:

30 Days Wild counter 14

We have our card and our double-sided sticky tape.   The Robot is clearly too young to do this himself so I am going to have much delight in making it for him.  A simple letter D sticky letter on the card.  D for Daddy & Dave, his first Fathers Day!

Blue card with the letter D in sticky tape on it

I peeled off the tape backing and set off with the Robot on my back to collect nature bits.  I’m a big kid at heart, I enjoyed looking for flowers and things to stick on the card. Here we are out collecting:

Karen and Robot selfie, Robot is on Karens back peering over Karens sholder. She has the Blue card with some collected nature flowers etc stuck to the card.
I dont know why this picture is upside down!!?

Thankfully Dave (or Daddy) doesn’t read the blog so we can save the card till Sunday and present it to him.  To our Grandads, who we know read the blog, we wish you an early HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  The finished card:

A bright colourful letter D made out of flowers and natural collected bits stuck to it.
It’s super easy and effective.  You can get bigger sticky tape too, I just used what was in my craft box.  Let your creativity run wild!

What are you doing for Father’s Day this year?



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  1. Oh I could cry…I think I could have managed this and my son and my husband would have loved it! Given that it’s Father’s Day tomorrow I think I may have missed the boat slightly. Bother. Maybe I could do him a late one or something. Anyway a fab idea, thanks for sharing and your card looks lovely #ablogginggoodtime
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