The Stick Man at Brockholes Nature Reserve 

The Stick Man at Brockholes Nature Reserve

The other day which feels like a long time ago now the Robot, CABS and I went on an adventure to find the Stick man at Brockholes Nature Reserve.  It was half term for us and we were meeting up with friends who had spotted the event.

The day started with a reading of the book and a brief explanation of what to do.  There were approx 20 – 30 families and that meant a lot of children, quite a lot were older than our two 2 year olds.

We set off on a trail to hunt for the stick man story.  At first it was a bit squished for space as we all set off but soon the bigger people ran ahead leaving the toddlers doing their thing.  Toddling from one clue to the next!

It was a beautiful sunny day so we didn’t mind pace, Mums catching up while the toddlers looked for clues and more importantly splashed in puddles.  It had put some serious rain down over the few days before.

Eventually we made it into the woods were the event was in full swing. First we had to make our own stick man.  Finding the perfect sticks to show legs and arms. Here’s the Robot with his:

robot holding his stick man

Next stop was building a Family Tree, aka den building. The Robot loves dens but hasn’t really built them before so the concept was lost on him.  He enjoyed playing in other people’s though!

Usually he likes to make pretend fires in them and that’s when he chucked his stick man in the fire. Oops. Spoiler: I know the stick man ends in a fire grate in the book but we weren’t burning our stick men today!

Robot in a den

We very quickly made flags for the sandcastle and headed to the next bit, the mud.  Mud castles, mud hand prints, mud painting, mud cooking.  Our toddlers well and truly enjoyed this bit and got thoroughly involved.  It was good fun.

robot playing in the mud kitchen

I managed to pry the Robot away to the next activity but with time running out we didn’t get to do it all. There was making spinning tops and whirly things and finally moulding mud snowmen.  We managed to pick up the spinning top equipment to make at home.

The event ended and up next was lunch. Making our way back to the centre with the toddlers took longer and we were really ready for lunch when we got there.  Yummy chicken pie with chips and sausages and beans!

We promised the kids a play on the park after and that’s what we did:

robot on the slide at the park

We came to Brockholes for a blogger event when the Robot was just starting to walk.  I thought I’d share the picture of him on the same slide back then. Such a difference in independence and much like the The Many Stages of Robot:

robot at the top of the slide ready to go down head first!

We then spent the rest of the time playing on this really cool tractor.  This is going to be a great place to come in a couple of years.  There is a bigger kids adventure park and I can just imagine our two climbing across it!

robot on a tractor

A thoroughly good adventure day out which miraculously I managed to keep the Robot awake in the car on the way home! He slept well that night.

Thanks Stick man for the adventure and of course Julia Donaldson for the great book!


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