Stars at Night Sensory Play followed swiftly by Snow Dough from Twinkl

Stars at Night Sensory Play

Since getting my new tuff spot I have been looking up different messy and sensory play ideas.  With the dark nights and clear skies the stars are great to see so today I decided to replicate this inside and make a star inspired sensory tuff spot.

I found all the stars that we had in the toy box and raided the Christmas decoration box and placed them in and around the Tuff spot.  An added touch of glittery sequins for good measure.   If I had more time or less star objects I could have cut some out of paper to add a different dimension.

The Robot loved the lights and was fascinated by the sequins.  The lights had to stay on all afternoon but the stars didn’t capture his imagination for long.  The train set beckoned!    Not giving up on the tuff spot for the day it was time to change tact and find something else to do.  This is where Twinkl comes in…

Twinkl – Not just for Teachers!

blogger-badgeI was approached by Twinkl to write a review on their subscription service.  At first glance I thought this isn’t going to be age appropriate to my 16 month year old.  The website is full of information on all the key stages that a vaguely remember from when I was at school.  Then I spotted their Early Years section. They have a whole section for birth to two-year olds.

Small world, messy play, sensory play, treasure baskets, play dough and plenty more.  A mass of seasonal appropriate activities for the Robot to take part in.  Coming from teachers it is geared up with education in mind but it isn’t scary as a non-teacher for me to use!  A total bonus.

“Twinkl changes lives by providing instant access to a complete range of teacher created, engaging and inspiring teaching, planning and assessment materials. “

It’s the Early Years section that interests me at the moment but felt I should have a little poke around the other parts of the site for older children.  They have a section to create your own resources – Twinkl Create and a page that I think would be great for teachers called Twinkl Imagine.

What I did spot on my rummaging was the home crafting range from Enkl.  I found the cars and just had to have a play.  We all know the Robot loves cars…

5 cardboard cars
My Mum and I spent all nap time making these!

Back to my Stars at Night dilemma though, I had a quick search on Twinkl for something that I could do with the Robot now.  We picked the resource for sparkly snow cloud dough.  Perfect fit for sparkly stars!

Sparkly Snow Cloud Dough

Every Twinkl resource is printable and the ones I’ve seen have black/white and colour versions.  Which is great if you’re low on printer ink.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I’ll summarise them here for you:

  • 4 Cups of cornflour (I used 100g of plain flour, cornflour is whiter we just didn’t have any!)
  • 1 Cup of oil (You can use baby oil or vegetable oil.  I used 25g of veg oil as the Robot has a taste tendency!)
  • Glitter (as much as you like!)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to create a crumbly textured dough.   You can squeeze it together and it will hold its shape and poke it again to go crumbly.

I’ve never played with cloud dough before but it reminds me of crumble mixture for apple crumble.  Sadly I wasn’t making pudding.  Let’s see what the Robot thought of it…

He was straight in to it as usual with anything I try to do with him in the room.  Note next time wait till nap time to set this up.  He seemed to love it and I’m impressed he didn’t taste it.   We had fun using all the shapes to make mini castles.  We continued using the stars from the previous activity.

The glitter in it made it look like the sand at Knoydart in Scotland.  So I reminisced a bit while we played.

Robot playing with the cloud dough

We played for a good 30 minutes which for the Robot is pretty impressive and we left it out for the rest of the afternoon to keep coming back to.  We managed to save some to use another time.   We were both a bit glittery at the end including the carpet but it hoovered up well.

Next time I make cloud dough I’ll be making a lot more.  I didn’t strictly follow the recipe because I didn’t have enough ingredients ready to hand.  With a 4 to 1 ratio it was easy to work out what I did need.

Thanks Twinkl for giving me the idea, I’ll be coming back to use more resources over the coming months and probably years!


we have been given a free subscription in return for this review – all thoughts are our own.





    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you for the lovely comment. Christmas present tuff spot!? That would be the oddest thing under the tree wouldn’t it! Ha ha. I had to really explain to my other half why I wanted one!!

  1. Ah..I wish some of these things existed in the US. I really like the cloud dough idea. You always have such good ideas in this series. I can barely keep up 🙂 I guess that’s a good problem to have.
    BTW, I love the mat on which Robot is sitting. I think I looked it up online to buy it a while back but couldn’t find a similar one even on Amazon. #familyfun
    Suchitra recently posted…What Worried Me/ Worries Me About Raising a DaughterMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      The mat is a giant table cloth from one of our uk stores Aldi. Unlikely that you’ll find this one but you might get lucky if you search for table cloth. Thanls for your kind comment. 🙂

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