Squirty Cream Snow – Messy Play

Squirty Cream Snow

This is an activity that I spotted over at Twinkl just before Christmas. Any excuse to buy squirty cream and I am the first in the queue. I also thought it would be a good activity to try out with the Robot.

There is very little to do in terms of set up for this one.  Buy the squirty cream and find a space to squirt the cream.  I’m using my Tuff spot but I guess that you could use a tub or a bath.   I also put a wipe clean mat down and got some towels handy to wipe to help clean up.

Let’s see how we got on…

The Robot, dressed in an old baby grow, literally jumped out his skin when I did the first squirt.  The noise freaked it out it seems.  Who knew!?  As soon as I reassured him that it was going to be okay his next thing of interest was the can itself.  What is it with kids fascinations with lids?

RObot looking confused over the squirty cream

A bit of coaxing later and I managed to get the can off him so he could start to play with the cream, sorry snow.  He certainly liked stirring it.

Robot stiring the cream

A few more squirts later and it was back to the entertainment of the lid.   As you can see now that he’s getting a bit more involved and messy.  It was all good fun.

Robot playing with the squirty cream canister

For someone who LOVES milk and yoghurt I thought that he would love squirty cream as much as me.  Nope, for one it took a good 20 minutes before he even tried it and then he pretty much just played with it.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I gave birth to him I’d worry he wasn’t mine.

Robot tasting the cream

Referring to this as snow was a bit of a push.  It was white and wet, certainly not cold.  It really is a nice simple sensory activity with the bonus of left over squirty cream for my pudding.   To clean up I simply stripped the boy down, chucked him through the shower and used a massive towel to wipe up all the cream.  All went in the washing machine and we were done.

Robot playing with extra bits in the squirty cream

Other variations of this I have seen is with shaving cream.  This could be a good alternative for children with milk allergies.  I wouldn’t recommend eating it!    If you give this a go yourself do let me know.  Tag #MessandPlay in your Instagram posts!

Have Fun!






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