S is for Smoothie

Attempting to cook in the kitchen with the Robot is pretty stressful but one thing we’ve been enjoying doing together is making a Smoothie for snack time.  It’s my ploy to get fruit and milk in him during the day in what he considers a fun treat.  I really should start exploring some vegetable smoothies though because he will actually eat fruit normally.

We started making smoothies together as a fun bribe to get him home from wherever we had been in the afternoon.  The upside of the health element makes it a bonus.  Quite often ways to get him home from the park consisted of, I’ll let you watch Paw Patrol.  Now however, it’s a we could make a smoothie?  He gets beyond excited plus it is a brilliant way of keeping that telly off for another half an hour while we work together to make our normally pink creations!  If you’ve read my blog religiously you know I have a constant quest to keep the TV off!

Smoothie Making with a Toddler

Firstly here is a perfect stock photo shot of a beautiful smoothie, I will share my photo with you near the end.

A perfect above shot of a smoothie with a garnish

Making a smoothie normally involves the Robot needing to sit on the counter so I have to make a mad dash to clean up all the crumbs from lunch as well as hide the knives and or chocolate that I’d been secretly eating in the kitchen.

My usual recipe isn’t that taxing and normally involves some red berries and a banana. We quite often have half eaten apples or gone over grapes kicking about so I chuck them in, not too many because it’d ruin the core red and yellow.   Since our smoothie quest started I opted to buy some frozen berries to keep on hand, they don’t go off as quick and as our freezer is in the cellar it adds an extra level of fun exploration for the Robot.

Next comes the dairy, a bit of milk and some natural yoghurt. I try to keep a natural yoghurt pot in now since baby CABS came along as I like to keep her off the amazing kids yoghurt that the Robot loves so much.  The power of “cooking” with the Robot though means he like to lick the yoghurt spoon.  The levels I use of these varies depending on my mood and if it’s a bit hot outside I chuck a little water in too.

My blender is an actual smoothie maker blender with a tap and everything, but it’s 100 years old and pretty grimey.  The Robot loves to press the buttons on it though so I try to dig it out, even though it smells like it’s about to blow up every time I use it.  Dave like to make bread crumbs in it too which is ultra annoying!  If I’m feeling lazy I just get the hand mixer out and blend the goods in a jug or even straight in a cup if I want to cut out the washing up.

As promised here is my gorgeous smoothie photo I lovingly took for you:

A pyrex jug with pink smoothie in and a

The next is our favourite bit.   Getting to drink it.  I’m super stylish and serve them in plastic beakers with straw.  Then because I know what he’s like I insist that the smoothie is then drank at the table sat down with no messing about.  I tend to have a spoon on hand to feed baby CABS some too, she loves it also.

There you have it a lovely tasty healthy activity to do with your toddler.  What do you put in your smoothies?  Have you worked out a good one with veg?  Let me know!



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