Sick #abc123challenge

Sick, sick, sick and oh oh the diarrhoea! Yup I can very much justify the use of sick in my title after the wobble last week of using a negative title in a happy post each week. S is for Sick!!

We started on Sunday night with the Robot being sick and transferred to my bed for the rest of the night. Followed by more sick the next day but seemingly fine the rest of the time. Normal almost 3 year old in quarantine equals a Mum frustrated!!

He seemed to recover but the next day his backside started to protest! Then the next more sick and a backside that is still showing us an unhealthy child even now! It’s unsurprising that poor baby CABS has joined in on this fun game and by Thursday she’s been joining in too!

I think we’re going to a have a fun weekend ahead with the ups and downs of poorly kids! Thankfully I think this is a prolonged mild thing because Dave and I seem to have avoided the worst of it, and it’s been unavoidable!! With this cheery start in mind let’s launch into my Happy Bits!

The Happy Bits

The moment where I look back at my week to pick out some happy moments:

– Weekly exercise! Dave and I are still doing our weekend tag team exercise and I went on an uplifting bike ride while he stayed home with the kids.

– A nice Thai takeaway with friends

– We went to the East Lancashire Railway to meet some old friends and their kids who are the same age as mine. It was a lovely day out filled with steam engines and fun.

robot driving a bus

– Stealth park visits in the sun while ignoring the fact poor Robot was a bit ill but bouncing off the wall at home!!

– Gardening! My Mum came round with flowers to help organise my Garden. We now have stepping stones in the gravel and a better play space for the kids to play in.

– Happy Mail – I love my Instagram swaps, I’ve been getting some really amazing parcels in the post. I’ll tell you more about this next week:

a collection of makes I recieved - notelets and things

– My neighbours have a 1 year old and as we share said garden the Robot has started really enjoying having someone to play with!

– Toilet training has gone incredibly well considering and although there has been accidents we’ve made it through this week in pants! Poorly pants!!

– Baby CABS is really rolling around now she’ll do a 360 degree belly spin too. It won’t be long before she’s off!

– After a literal shitty fairly sleep deprived week I was so grateful for Dave having an early finish Friday. I spent an hour dozing in the bath before tea. Bliss!

That’s it for this week. While typing this in the middle of the night as seems to be the way of the Friday night feed, baby CABS has given us a very questionable bowl movement… Joy!

I’ll leave you with these two from last weekend to distract from the sick:

dave and cabs looking and smiling looking like each other


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