Shower Painting

Shower Painting

I’m not adverse to a bit of messy play, in fact I embrace it.  My viewpoint is that it’s inevitable he’ll get messy so let’s make that happen.  Painting has to be one of the best ways to get messy!  However I have been avoiding real paint, I’ve had mess free and edible paint…  The Robot is one now, surely that is a right of passage to the REAL paint!

Not quite brave enough to let him loose with paint in the house I decided to have a go at shower painting.  In our case, painting in the bath tub.  The shower is above the bath.  I bought some non toxic paint and some child friendly big paint brushes.   If I was doing this without photos I’d definitely strip him down to his nappy, for the sake of the blog we kept an old vest on.  Having kept him in a nappy on this occasion, I’d definitely keep a nappy on again.  A mid paint poop happened and I wouldn’t have liked to clear that up!  (That’s a whole other blog post!)

Without further a do, here is the Robot with pure fascination on his face wondering what is about to happen:

Robot crouched in the bath with a vest on. In the foreground 4 pots of paint are sat on the edge of the bath

Not much painting went on at first, more like stabbing at the plug hole.  The colours you can see on the sides are my efforts to teach him how to brush the paint.  Buying non-toxic paint was probably the best idea I had, it went straight in the mouth.  Not for long when he realised it wasn’t food!  He’s still alive 5 days later so no short term effects here!

Robot sat with a paintbrush in hand, paint is spattered in the bath tub. Robot has paint all over him and round his mouth

It gets really slippy and if you have a son or daughter like mine that likes to climb and walk in the bath I’d recommend a non slip mat.  I opted to go without as it was one more thing to clean.  Keep a close eye on them!  I also recommend that you wear old clothes too, it’s inevitable that you will get paint on you.

The aftermath of paint - all over the bath and the wall.

All in all it was really good fun and we spent a good hour and a half in the bathroom playing.  This includes the setting up and cleaning up.  I did have a mad panic while cleaning up that I’d stained the bath a lovely purple brown colour.  Thankfully a bit of cream cleaner and elbow grease it came up white again.  My son however took a 2nd bath to get back to his usual colour.  Let’s face it, I can’t use cream cleaner on him!

What crazy shower/bath/paint activities have you embarked on recently?

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week is the letter S for Shower Painting.

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?

ABC123 Blue Building Block



  1. Oh that looks like so much fun, I bet he loved it. What a lucky boy to have such a chilled out mummy, my OH would have a fit at the mess I think he it would take the fun away. That and I hate cleaning the bathroom at the best of times. But honestly what a fab activity for you both p, glad you enjoyed it xx #bigpinklink
    Tammymum recently posted…Mummy tag My Profile

  2. Lex

    You know what this is an absolutely excellent idea. My daughter is 19 months and loves all things crafts and water – I too have the shower above my bath tub so I think I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for sharing a different, fun idea!

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  5. this is something we will have to try- I’ve been wanting to get him into painting, and our shower is above the bath too. he’s never been too keen on messy play, but I think he might like this with the bright colours. can I just say I really love your abc123 challenge; it’s really inspiring! #familyfunlinky
    naomi recently posted…Dinosaurs of China at Wollaton HallMy Profile

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