Shoes off rule

Our neighbours are dog owners, not the most conscientious ones either.  Our town seems to have a lot of dog owners too, not very conscientious.   We’ve lived in this house 2 years now and we’ve hit double figures on how many times there has been dog do on or very near our doorstep.   Note, our front door is straight on the street, no front garden.  We also share our back garden in a terrace.  Our neighbours don’t pick up their dog do.  If we want to walk our bikes out, our bins round or just use the back we have to play miss the dog do! 

Thankfully our back is gated so we can use our own garden dog mess free.  These gates got installed when we moved in.  Lots of dog do in our garden till then!

Welcome to our  home, now take your shoes off!  The Robot is almost crawling now and as he spends a lot of time on the floor we’ve bought in the shoes off rule.   Daddy Dave is super paranoid about the dog do and it’s microscopic germs near the Robot.  Daddy Dave is also the main standee in said dog mess.  So he bought the rule in!

We visited some friends last weekend, they were surprised we took our shoes off at the door without being prompted.  Even had a conversation about it, wife is from Lithuania, it is in their culture to take shoes off at the door.  She said she was shocked when some Westerners didn’t do it and were happy to walk mud etc through their houses.

Our house isn’t even spotless, our carpet is really old, but if you ever come to our house, please take your shoes off!

Who keeps their shoes on? Who wouldn’t dream of it? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I am obsessed with keeping the floor in our hallway and kitchen clean, by using the steam mop. Our little one will be crawling soon so pretty paranoid about it especially as I keep getting dog and fox poo in the buggy wheels. I really wish that people would pick up their dog poo, it’s disgusting seeing it all over the pavement. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this post. Claire x

  2. It’s funny I just automatically take my shoes off at places, but I don’t mind at all when people keep theirs on at mine as it’s usually a state!! I think it’s just a habit as we always did it as children, so now I just prefer shoes off anyway!

  3. Alex

    We take our shoes off at the door at home and when visiting. We wear slippers and advise our guests of the shoes off rule and ask them to bring slippers. Consequently our carpets are very clean and feet are warm and comfy

      1. Alex

        Slippers are a very good,idea. Not everyone likes bare feet on their carpets and socks can be deadly on polished floors. Also if you live a cool climate then not wearing slippers can make your feet extremely cold and u comfortable.

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