That Annoying Thing That Bloggers Do… What’s Your Handle?

That Annoying Thing That Bloggers Do…

There is one thing that I have found with blogging is that it is a very supportive community.  Everyone helps each other out and gives virtual hugs all round.  How?  By sharing that lovely thing called love, sweet L.O.V.E.  AKA Sharing each others blog posts.  Blogging etiquette deems it necessary that if you find something that you’ve enjoyed reading, that you share it.

A red wax crayon drawn love heart on a piece of white paper

I hear you ask though, “What is that annoying thing that Bloggers do?”

What’s Your Twitter Handle?

Okay, it’s not every Blogger, but more than you would think, you may be one of them…

There are a dedicated team of Linky Hosts out there, I dare say hundreds, all hosting a variety of different linkys.  I’m one of them.  A good host will tweet your linked up blog post, sharing your blog with all their followers.  As a fairly new blogger myself I love receiving a retweet of my blog posts, especially from the blogging elite.

This is where the problem lies… YOUR Sharing Buttons!   What is your Twitter Handle???

As Twitter is the most favoured sharing platform between bloggers this is what I am focusing on. When tweeting a blog post it’s always nice for the blogger to know a tweet has been sent from you.  Cue, your Twitter handle.

When you click on a “Share this Twitter button”, a box normally appears.  If you are like me your Twitter handle appears in the tweet.  This is not an automatic setting and there are so many blogs that don’t have the blog owners Twitter handle in when sharing a tweet.

Screen shot of a twitter share box, highlighted twitter handle

If you are like me, your Twitter handle isn’t the same as you’re blog.  For a Linky Host who wants to share your blog post, it’s impossible for them to remember or indeed know your Twitter handle.  They could just click tweet without it, but you’ll be non the wiser.  It’s nice however to get acknowledgements from each other.  Another like or a retweet in your Twitter feed.

Have you checked your Sharing Buttons?

I’d say every blog has sharing buttons, in some form or another.  There are many, many plug-ins and styles and too many to name here.  This is where I write my list:

  1. Go on your blog
  2. Click on your one of your blog posts
  3. Click on your Twitter share links
  4. If your Twitter handle is on the tweet, that’s brilliant, well done
  5. If you’re Twitter handle isn’t, it’s time to find out how to add it!
  6. Find your sharing settings and add it
  7. Give a virtual hug to your fellow bloggers.
two kittens giving each other a hug
or a really cute kitten hug

I wish I could write a “How to Guide” for you.  There are many different blogging platforms and many different sharing button options that I wouldn’t be able to cover them all.   If you can’t find an option to add your Twitter handle to your sharing buttons, find a blog that looks like it has the same buttons.  If theirs is working, maybe send them an email and ask them how to.  I am sure they’d love to help!

Don’t just stop at Twitter, check your other sharing buttons for the other social networks…  I found a blog the other day with 3 different types of sharing buttons.  Non of them had a Twitter handle on them!

Here is my pledge going forward.  Every time I find a blog without a Twitter handle in their sharing buttons I am going to tell them.  Little by little the world of sharing the love will become a simpler place.

Have you checked your blog sharing buttons?  Did it work?  Will you join me in my pledge to let your fellow bloggers know?

Are you following me on Twitter?

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  1. I get this a lot when we are doing #chucklemums, I always tell them. It really annoys me when shareaholic or WordPress tries to steal credit! It’s even worse when it’s that “I just found this brill website bla bla” one!! I JUST WANNA RT GODDAMMIT #allthelinkysIwillseethisontoday
    Sarah recently posted…The Grades of EmbarrassmentMy Profile

  2. I’ve noticed this more and more since starting to use the sharing buttons – I’ve let people know a couple of times but not always. Will be joining you and letting people know from now on – it is frustrating when you have to go into Twitter and look up someone’s Twitter handle when trying to share their post, especially when it is completely different. #triballove

    1. isntitpretty

      It’s so simple yet so annoying! It’s been impossible to let everyone know but now I’m making it my challenge! Here I go with the blooming challenge thing again!

  3. An excellent post. I checked and I’m ok, yay!! Yay mainly because techy stuff terrifies the crap out of me and if something isn’t working as it should I panic (saddo, I know…also old). The thing is though, that people will just be oblivious and won’t understand what it is they are supposed to do, so thank you for this post – I’m sure that it will help a lot of people. Alison x

  4. Karen I want to crawl through my computer and hug you for writing this. I admit though that the lovely Aby did point this out to me and u didn’t have a clue what to do! I mailed my hosts who do my share buttons and they helped me. As a linky host I spend a lot of time looking for people’s handles so would absolutely love it if people checked and I did ask this in my linky intro the other week. Maybe next week I can link to your post if that’s ok?!

    1. isntitpretty

      Of course Catie do. I know I’m not giving answers on how to do it but if people are aware then hopefully they can work out how! First things first is to check hey!?

  5. Ahh this is so true, I am guilty of not sharing a post if I can’t find their Twitter handle because I think it’s pretty pointless if they don’t get a shout out and don’t know that I loved their post and wanted to share. For the whole time I was on Blogger I didn’t have my handle on my Twitter share button, it was so annoying and I just couldn’t figure out how to add it. Now on self hosted WordPress I made sure my twitter handle was added straight away.xx #picknmix

  6. This is fab – I found this too when I was co-hosting for Stay Classy last week…so many people have totally different twitter handles to blog name and I ended up accidentally tweeting a random – then having to re-do the tweet. Brilliant advice, make it super easy to share the love! #triballove #fabfridaypost
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…My Filter-less FeedMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      It’s not until you want to start sharing other people’s posts that it comes apparent. Some Linky hosts are asking you to RT stuff now so it’ll start effecting people more!! Good luck solving it X

  7. Worried for a bit there incase mine was the same! Had to go and do a double check, my Twitter handle is there though luckily! I don’t actually remember setting up my sharing buttons though so this is pure fluke, haha. Great post! 🙂 #Fridayfrolics

  8. It’s so awkward when this happens, especially if you’re looking to transfer the tweet to buffer or whatever for later! I spent ages reworking the blogger post footer to prettify it, etc, but it just would not accept the code for adding in a Twitter handle; every time I added it the template would kind of implode and remove all posts from my blog, leaving just the sidebar.

    …In the end I gave in and went with shareaholic instead. Though that refuses to actually post to Tumblr for reasons I’ve yet to have time to investiage. *sigh* #pocolo
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Friday Frivolity: CommercialsMy Profile

      1. It gives me something to complain about, I suppose! Lol. Tumblr is very hit and miss, I find, but if you have something cute and quirky it will generally do quite well. I write about doll house miniatures a fair bit and those posts (well, the photos) tend to do well on Tumblr.

        PS. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! 🙂

  9. Great advice here. My Twitter handle is different to my blog name and as a newbie I would never have known this. Have now done the check on one of my posts and thank goodness it’s there. Thanks so much. Any more hot tips? If so please keep them coming. #PickNMix

  10. I do find that some share buttons don’t work well, especially the ones on linkys that I normally find I have to rewrite from scratch. Happily my blog’s share buttons do include my Twitter handle, which like you is different to your blog, but I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future and let bloggers know when there’s a problem. #thelist

  11. Hmmm, have had three hours sleep (8 month old) and its getting late…think I might need to read this again in the morning and action accordingly. Twitter, along with most social media, continues to remain a bit of a confusing world, always good to get some advice #picknmix

    1. isntitpretty

      Oh No. I’ve had a quick search on the internet to see if I can find out how to do it on blogger but I don’t think I can find out how without going on blogger itself. So sorry. Hopefully someone out there can help.

  12. I have to admit I just recently realized that my share buttons where doing this. I was using shareholic and when I went to change it the stupid thing wouldn’t work. So I spent some time this morning and downloaded a different plugin that does add my handle. However, I’m not as happy with the look of the share buttons. What plugin do you use? Thanks! #triballove
    Sarah@teammomlife recently posted…Walk with me (Week One)My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I use Jetpack in WordPress. When it’s installed, you can go to settings – sharing then add your twitter account in. It does it automatically I think. send us a DM or email if you get stuck x

    1. isntitpretty

      Oh I don’t want anyone to feel told off. It’s an awareness post. I am not sure how to do it in blogger either. Are there settings under sharing or similar? If I find out from a blogger blogger I’ll let you know.

  13. I literally just had this issue; I left someone a comment and it didn’t show so I searched their whole site for their not to be found Twitter handle!

    Having that said, I have share links on my site but have never thought to see what’s in them….RUNS OFF TO CHECK!!) x

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks for alerting me to your missing comment! I think we must have gone on the same site because it prompted me to write the post! Hope it worked for you, good luck 🙂

    1. isntitpretty

      Oh no! I am getting the vibe that Blogger is an issue from those that are using it. I don’t use blogger but I am going to find someone who has it working and come back and tell you all how! It might not be today though…

  14. Oh, well this is embarrassing.
    I’m reading along to your post, nodding my head in agreement- YES, SO ANNOYING!! Then, I decide to head over to my blog, you know, just in case. And, sure enough, I didn’t have my Twitter handle on my own posts. Oy…
    Thankfully, after 2 hours of frustration with HTML, I think I’ve finally got it in order. Thanks so much! <3 #KCACOLS
    Savannah recently posted…Paleo Blackberry CobblerMy Profile

  15. Ooh now this is interesting and just prompted to me to go and check – so thank you! I have two different tweet buttons at the bottom of my post and one does show my twitter handle and the other doesn’t! Hmm not sure how to change the one that doesn’t but at least one does 🙂 #bigpinklink
    Emma recently posted…Review of The HoxtonMy Profile

  16. Hi Karen, having the post authors Twitter handle in a Tweet means they can easily RT it too, which is another good reason for making sure your Twitter name is in your Tweet box. I’ve actually got a virtual sticky note where I add bloggers Twitter usernames, so I don’t have to go hunting for them. It would probably make it easier if I gave them a polite heads up about it too….. And I’ve just double checked mine to be sure!

    Debbie recently posted…Zola, One Determined PuppyMy Profile

  17. I hate it when you can’t find their twitter handle. Mine isn’t the same as my blog name but not much different so I made sure to add it in. I also find it frustrating when your follow buttons don’t work. I have literally been on a blog where it jut takes you to twitter or facebook not their acoount #PoCoLo
    Tracey Bowden recently posted…Subscription Box WishlistMy Profile

  18. Kim

    Yes! It took me a while to realize this about my own page, the setting was so hidden and I was so frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to add. I now have one share button that has my handle and one that doesn’t (this bothers me) but i like the look of the share bar so I want to keep that one. I just got shareaholic but I need to learn more about it’s features before activating it. Another thing is the commenting boxes… wish they were all the same, I have a hard time on some websites. Anyways, good post. 🙂 #KCACOLS
    Kim recently posted…I Love Toddler Moments Like ThisMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Don’t get me started on commenting boxes! I think Ive got most of them sussed now and then every now and then one comes along and it taunts me with a “Do you want to comment in me?.. Well no you can’t, I’m going to make it difficult!!” so frustrating, especially when the content of the blog is amazing!

    1. isntitpretty

      If I don’t find their handle I rarely tweet it, feels a shame to send it out into the twittersphere un-noticed. Well someone might notice it but not the owner of the blog.

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you. I think I noticed it first on your blog but i think my setting in wordpress did it automatically anyway! A lot of people who have commented are going to try and sort theirs out so hopefully it will spread the message!

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  20. Look at your comments kick ass post my lovely, I went and checked and thank goodness have not incurred your wrath as my handle is on there…thank god because I wouldn’t have known how to change it..this is so good for raising awareness for all bloggers how we can improve and help one another xx #fabfridaypost

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks! I don’t think I’d shout at you if it wasn’t but we have discussed this so many times that you probably did it a while back without even remembering! 🙂

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  22. Fully aware that I am doing my own annoying blogger thing here & commenting late – sorry about that! However, totally agree with you on this. Even before I did any linkys this was annoying when trying to share posts, even more so when you run a linky. Mine is fine. The first time I discovered how annoying this is when you come across it, I was convinced that it was going to turn out I had also been doing it, but it turns out I had set up my settings right (god knows how) & my handle is in there. Phew! #abloggingoodtime
    Silly Mummy recently posted…Friday Frolics – 22nd July 2016My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I’m now doing an annoying blogging thing of replying to comments a week later from when I recieved them. Its crazy how backed up they get. I like to reply to them though! Glad your handle was, lets say, magically there!

  23. Hi Karen, an excellent tip! I actually have a virtual post it note of Twitter handles on my desktop (in alphabetical order). I hated not sharing posts, but do like to tag so the blogger can RT. I think your idea of letting people know is probably a better solution though.

    Every now and again I do check mine, just in case.

    Debbie recently posted…Feeling ThankfulMy Profile

  24. I find this so annoying when I can’t find someone’s Twitter handle, especially with running a Linky. I give up if I can’t find it straight it, sorry, I’m mean, but I haven’t got time to be hunting around for a Twitter handle. It’s so important that it’s easy to find on your blog, just like other social links and email address too. Claire x #FamilyFun
    The Pramshed recently posted…Center Parcs Sherwood Forest: Our family adventureMy Profile

  25. I got so paranoid about my twitter handle but it’s on there yay!
    I was wondering where the post was going with the twitter remarks but yes I agree how annoying it can be to not let the blogger know how you appreciated their work! #familyfun

  26. I’ve noticed you asking people in the comments for their handles. I find it SO frustrating as well when the sharing button isn’t set up right and I can’t find the Twitter handle. Sometimes, it’s put me off sharing something I otherwise would have. Thanks for writing this! I hope some people will take note! #familyfun
    The Mum Reviews recently posted…An exercise in thankfulnessMy Profile

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