Serpentine Woods – Alphabet Trail Family Walk

Serpentine Woods – Alphabet Trail Family Walk

My Mum rang me up the other day and asked if we would like to come for a walk with her.  Serpentine Woods in Kendal, Cumbria, was the suggested walk.  I’m not from Kendal myself but my Mum is and although I have heard of these woods I haven’t ever had the chance to go to them before.   Another added bonus is that the woods have an Alphabet Trail…  Ooo, a challenge, I love a good challenge!  The trail brochure is available from Kendal Library, but we printed a copy off from here.

The woods were planted in 1790 and during the Victorian era walls were built around the woodland for the people of Kendal to enjoy the area.  The pathways snake around the beech woodland giving the area its name – Serpentine.  Here we are at the start of the trail:

Karen & Robot posing infront of a gate to Serpentine Woods

The start of the trail begins with an acorn and very closely followed by a vibrant butterfly hanging in the trees.  Both items were bold and obvious, at this point I got a little excited, I love sculptures!

A colourful butterfly sculpture is hanging in the trees

Shortly followed by a centipede, do not worry, I don’t have pictures of all the challenge for you, I’ll tell you why in a short moment.A wooden centerpede sculpture is hidden in the treeIt was after the centipede when the sculptures started to get, with the exception of a few, a little smaller.  We managed to find all bar 5 of the sculptures and some were really tiny, if we weren’t careful we’d have missed a few.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that it was raining, and this is why the Robot doesn’t look the happiest of babies!   Here we are posing with our umbrella in front of the umbrella sculpture:

Karen and Robot posing with an umbrella

The last 3 letters were positioned in a garden clearing.  I can imagine Victorians playing bowls or croquet here in the past.  The Xylophone has to be the best and most interactive of all the sculptures and if you look closely you can see a yo-yo at the top of the picture.   It was handy that we had our umbrellas and these were ideal for hitting the bars.  A stick would have worked too!

A xylophone and yo yo made out of wood

Overall I had a fun walk out with my Mum, it may have been raining but I don’t let that spoil my sense of adventure and challenge.  The Robot however was a little grumpy throughout.  He did sing a bit.   When he is older and toddling a bit more I will take him back here as I think he’ll enjoy it.  As long as it’s not raining.

Have you been on any Sculpture trails before?  Where should we go next? Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Cat

    This looks fab! I went to University in Ambleside just up the road so we often come back up that way for a visit. I shall put this on the list of things to do next time! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shame about the rain but it looks a lovely little challenge and does remind me of our Wildlife walk and welly Walk challenge here on the farm. I do like that musical sculpture at the end too, we have some wooden tube instruments on the farm but I’d like to add one of these to our collection. Definitely one to return to on a dry day.

    Thank you for popping over and sharing on #CountryKids
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

  3. Awww lovely! Back at home I always spend my day off walking with my Mother. She’s got poor eyesight and is not keen on her glasses so we always hold hands when we walk so that she wont fall. I havent seen my mother for 6 years now and this post made me miss her so much more! You are so lucky to have this walks with your Mom and such a lovely walk it is! #countrykids
    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…Feel The Wind On Your FaceMy Profile

  4. What a lovely idea. So much fun trying to spot them but so many learning opportunities too! My eldest is just beginning to learn her letters and would love a challenge like this! I wonder if there is something similar in the South East…

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