Scrap Rainbow See It All Pouch

Firstly hello October! Hello to my blog. Hello scrap rainbow see it all pouch. If you saw my last post you know that I’m having a quibble or a what do ya call it thing with the blog at the moment so it takes much effort for me to get this down. Heck it might kick-start me writing again!

We shall see, in the mean time I’m having a little love affair with my scraps, aka sewing with them. I’ve hit a very nothing gets left behind to my sewing style and I’m glad, I love my scraps!! They loved to be used not chucked in the bin.

When I first started my newly found re-love of sewing a year ago I very cleverly started a scrap system. I store 1.5″, 2.5″ & 3.5″ strips neatly in a shoe box ready to be used. I promise to use them, in fact the shoe box is almost full so I might just have to start.

Anything less than 1.5″ still has a home and this is what this post is all about, their storage system…

Scrap Rainbow See It All Pouch


rainbow scrap see it all pouches

I picked up the book Stitched by Aneela Hoey at the start of the year and joining in on this sewalong I have slowly been working my way through the book making some really great sewing organisers.

The See it all pouch is brilliant and really easy to construct. Using some colour coordinated scraps I have over a couple of months made a rainbow collection of pouches. It means I can see how many tiny scraps I own and when I need to do some stitching to get them used up.

rainbow scrap see it all pouches

Tiny scraps are classed as 1.5″ and less that could still be sewn together with something else. Tiny sewing. Anything too small gets bagged ready to use as toy stuffing…. better start making some toys.

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