Saturday Shine

I’ve often got draft blog posts sat half written in the depths of my hidden blog.  This one was entitled Do You Walk a Mile? The answer is no.  In the spirit of new year I planned to make sure me and my very littles got outside and walked at least a mile a day.  On my own that’s only 15 minutes but with a toddler that’s a good hour.

I’d pondered and struggled with finishing the post because I was pledging to do this daily.  Looking at our first fortnight though we’ve managed 11 days out of 18.  I can’t legitimately put out a post going, “yay look at me for doing this” because it’s a lie!

I do want to get outside more this year but maybe I should wait for the nicer warmer weather!!  I really wanted to post a bit of a blog today though.  With my impending #abc123challenge I want to get in the habit of a Saturday post because this is something I want to do. So I’ve scrapped the mile post in an ode to being kind to myself.

Written in text Be Kind next to the pad is a picture of cabs

Happy Bits

A chance to take a look at some of the happy moments from the past week…

– the Robot had finally shifted his cold or bug or whatever the mess he kept being in. He is eating again and generally being nice to hang out with.

– CABS is sleeping! So am I! The growth spurts are a killer as she has been clingy and up loads in the night. She is in a content phase so I’m getting a bit of rest.

– I’m still loving Instagram. I am getting a lot from doing mini challenges.  Lots of little real interaction with people is amazing.

– I got a great response from the #abc123challenge and need to follow through with some other connections to keep the momentum going.  Not long till it starts on the 5th Feb!

– My Mum came to visit. She often visits but I sense a happy shift coming which is only going to bring good.

– With a content CABS comes one that happily slept upstairs a couple of afternoons this week while I got on with some serious play with the Robot. He loved this track and it stayed for a couple of days:

Robot playing with his track
– It had to come down though because his favourite thing is, “Mummy will you run with me?” he loves to run around the living room. This means tidying all the toys away for space and we can easily clock up a miles worth of steps doing this!

– Early morning cuddles.  Both kids still asleep meant Dave and I just had a few minutes to ourselves, literally.  The Robot woke very soon after but was content to be bought in and cuddled too.  It was a nice way to wake up.


There is no real thought gone into writing this post up today and I struggled with a title. Knowing I wanted to post it on Sarurday and wanting it to be positive meant Saturday Shine is what I came up with.  Let’s hope the sun is shining!  Why Be?  Be what you want it to be, an element of my #ABC123Challenge that I’ll be starting soon and I need to decide what to include in it.

Happy bits is one thing but I’d like something else… If you could write a round up post from the week what would you include?

Be #abc123challenge dice badge

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