First sign excitement…

Ever since my little Robot was born I have signed the sign for milk at him before putting him on the boob.  It has paid off as, not always, he does sign milk at me! Dubious a little as only 3 months but more than once he’s opened and closed his hand combined with a stare at the boob, or indeed a pat of the boob! Followed by a happier expression when they come out!

I wondered if the sign was his reflexes on the go and a stare at the boob being a random stare and the excitement of getting the milk just a suckle.  No, I’m convinced and have faith in my little son!

I think it’s pretty amazing and I hope he continues to use it! It gives me confidence that in a couple of months time when more signs get introduced that he’ll pick them up quickly in the knowledge that I’ll respond to him!!

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