Robots Reading Round Up #1

Robots Reading Round Up #1

Welcome to the first edition of Robots Reading Round Up.   We’ve been visiting the library a lot recently.  With a fear of closure on the cards, I really want the Robot to experience his library.  I’ve started taking him to our weekly sing along and it’s a perfect excuse to take some books home.  We’ve decided to review them for you…

Babys Very first outdoors book

You have to hand it to Usborne publishing they do children’s books well.  They are bright, beautiful and colourful.  It is safe to say that the Robot likes this one.  Out of the four books that we’re reviewing today this one has been the one he’s gone to the most.  Each page has a different image on with the sound of the image written in text underneath.

When I first saw it I was a little dubious as the boat goes “bob..bob..bob”, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a boat sound like this!  But in true Robot style it’s the noises he loves, he gets to have a giggle at me going whoooosh for the kite and zoooom for the plane.  Just goes to show I know nothing about kids books!

Thumbs up from the Robot and me!

Hugless Douglas First Words by David Melling

This is probably the most adorable book I have seen in a while, I’ve never come across Hugless Douglas before.  A cute loveable bear being what can only be terrorised by sheep!   Each double page has one word and a little scene with Hugless and the sheep “acting” the word on the page.  It’s completely lost on the Robot at the moment, I’ve pointed it out and described all the funny bits but he really just wants to eat the book.  With the word set being Bed, Book, Bath, Teddy, Pyjamas and Hug, they are all words that at 10 months old he gets told a lot. So even if he doesn’t understand the funny sheep, he’ll know the word from his normal day.    This is published by Hodder.  It’s safe to say that I’ll be keeping an eye out for more in the series.  I think I liked this more than the Robot did!

Noisy World a Tiny Touch Book by Autumn Publishing

This is a very tactile board book.  All the pages are embossed and shiny.  The colours are very pale palate and I think it is a really beautiful book.  Each double page has a picture and text that describes it and the noise it makes.  There is enough variety in the pictures to point things out to the Robot.  My favourite page being the train page, which I have to show you:

Text = The Train goes Choo Choo. A picture of a train being driven by a dog, in the carriages is a kennel, balls and bones.

The Robot loves trains, this is his Dads fault.  At the young age of 10 months he has a few train toys and we’re often chugging them around the room saying choo, choo!  When I got to this page of the book, he got really excited and was looking around for his train.  So cute.  This is Published by Autumn Publishing.  We’re giving this a thumbs up too.

Let's Look at Trains by Britta Teckentrup

This is a nice book, but one that is lost on the Robot.  I think he’s just a little too young to understand and grasp what it is he is looking at.  The Author/Illustrator is Britta Teckentrup a fine artist.  I picked the book up because it was a train one and I figured Robots Daddy would like to read it to him, he has!

On each page are different trains, with text telling you what type of train it is.  I love how the text then asks you a question, “Who is waiting on the platform?”   It is giving the reader the opportunity to get interactive with the book and child.  This is published by Boxer Books.  I’m giving it a thumbs up, but for now it’s a thumbs down from the Robot.

Picture of the Robot with a book shelf behind him and books on the floor text says Robots Reading Round Up

Thanks for reading.  Have you got any favourite books to read with your little ones?  Do let me know so I can look out for them.


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  1. How sad that your library is at risk of closure We go to ours every couple of weeks, it’s definitely a good way to inject a little variety if Mimi had her way we would only read her Mog book (which I now know by heart !) I love the look of the books you have chosen especially hugless Douglas going to keep an eye out for them next time we visit the library


  2. Oh Karen this is a beautiful round up – bright, colourful and so enjoyable to read! I love the Hughes Douglas one – love the way you’re so desperately wanting the Robot to enjoy it but actually it’s more a book for you at the moment – hope it taught you some words lovely! My children loved the “That’s not my …” picture books but also a lot of chewing of them too. Anything with sparkles in too – though as I always wanted sparkle for one of their middle names when I was younger (not now!) it’s no surprise! #Coolmumclub
    justsayingmum recently posted…If I Could Just Go Back For One DayMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Sparkle would be a really cool middle name. Shame! It’s great because he is just starting not chewing books as much now. It’s safe to get library books, he only nibbles!

  3. We also love hugless Douglas!
    However at the moment Thomas the tank engine rules the roost, I keep trying to hide it but he keeps finding it.
    You wait till phonics starts do not youtube jolly phonics – you will be singing a-a-ants on my arm all day long!
    #Stayclassy #triballove

  4. At the moment “we’re going on a bear hunt” is a big favourite! It takes a huge amount of energy to make it fun forG but she loves it! We have a big collection of Usborne books at home they are great content and visual wise #triballove

    1. isntitpretty

      We don’t have a huge collection of books at home suitable at the moment. I pick up flats from charity shops but boards books are better for him at the moment. That’s why we go to the library.

  5. Love this! I love reading to TM although he does just try to eat them at the moment. I may get some from the library, that’s a good idea. How cute that he looked for his train!! I may have to start my own book series when he gets a bit bigger and starts showing preferences for things hehe. #triballove

  6. I love libraries and books and took my boys when they were younger to reading sessions at the library too. I can’t believe they are being closed! Fostering a love of reading from an early age is so important and we had books in toy boxes, clipped to prams, in the bath etc when mine were little. Great choices for little ones, anything with nice is always popular. TY for linking up to #FamilyFun
    An imperfect mum (Catie) recently posted…Family Fun #17My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I totally agree. I’m keeping fingers crossed it won’t close but they always threaten it! I was watching the little man flick through a book his morning, it made me smile!

    1. isntitpretty

      We’ve not got many books at home, we try and pick them up from charity shops but th Usborbe books never seem to make it that far! I know the ones you mean though, they are lovely, I’ll keep an eye out for them at the library next time! Either that or I should splurge and buy new!!

  7. Fab post, my little one loves books too – in fact sometimes I catch her crawling underneath the jumperoo to read a book on her own! (upside down obviously!). Hugless Douglas First Words looks like a great book and there a few more here we don’t have so I’ll check them out…we have the It’s Not My…books in abundance here, to the point I think she might be sick of them. She also loves Dear Zoo book. xx #triballove #familyfun
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…A Helping Hand for a Messy Mama :: Introducing ZofloraMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      It’s great that they are into books. Upside down is kinda compulsory isn’t it! Your second to mention the ‘it’s not my books’ I’ll have to write here that a birthday is coming up so that if the grandparents are reading comments we might get some gifted! Lol!

  8. Thanks for this round up. Finding books that work is surprisingly tough! Ours always liked ones with photographs and labels when they were younger, there are a few good ones out there.

    Thanks for sharing. #fortheloveofBLOG

  9. Kat

    Looks like a lovely collection! My daughter has a book club by Usborne at her school every week, to help her learn to save, and to get her a few new books. Her favourite is Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy at the moment! She’s so proud she bought it herself too. #fortheloveofblog

  10. Lovely review, thank you for sharing these books! I particularly like the sound of the first one ; ). My son is only 5 months old, I do read him books even though he doesn’t really understand the whole concept. The train book sounds like one he might like later too! We have train and car toys lying around, he grabs them and tries to eat them haha. Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy!
    The Mum Project recently posted…Mum Pick Up LinesMy Profile

  11. This is a lovely idea Karen, and it’s great that you can take books out at the same time as the local Baby Bounce/Rhyme Time class. I really should do the same thing, as my little one loves a book, she’s probably getting bored of the ones we have, as I keep reading them over and over again. I love all the brightly coloured and tactile books at the moment, and so does my daughter – I’m often finding her playing or trying to read a book these days. I’ve never come across Hugless Douglas either, hopefully Robot will enjoy this book soon, hopefully he is taking it all in whilst you read to him. At the moment we love the Usborne “That’s not my…..” books, and Elmer. Thanks so much for linking up this week at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x
    The Pramshed recently posted…Google ParentingMy Profile

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