Robots Reading Round Up #6

Robots Reading Round Up #6

It’s that time of the month again and it’s time to take the library books back and get new ones!  The numpty that I am forgot to take my grown up book back at the same time and thankfully I managed to miss a fine by taking it back the next day.  Love how kind the library staff are sometimes when you blame baby brain on forgetting something!!  Let’s take a look at what we had last month:

Sugarlump and the Unicorn

I’ve been keeping my eye out for Julia Donaldson books at the library recently. They tend to be flat paper books and these really aren’t the Robots favourite books yet.   This is a lovely story following the rocking horse and his quest to be a little bit happier.  It rhymes throughout and is really just lovely.  We’re not very good at keeping the Robot still at the moment so this took many sittings to read him the whole book.  Thumbs up from me!


This is a soft padded colourful board book that I honestly thought the Robot would love.  There is something about cartoon animal pictures that doesn’t do it for the Robot.  He’s just not interested.  I made him a zoo book of real animals the other week and he loves this more…  Thumbs down for this one!

My First Numbers

I’m a big fan of Ladybird books and this one is colourful and rhyming throughout.  If you get to Number 5 you get to Blast off to the moon!  This is the book the Robot handed to me the most this month.  Each page has a little rhyme and you can count up the characters on each page.  A lovely little board book.   Thumbs up from us.

My Little World – Tall and Short

This a peek through book about opposites.  The concept of sizes and differences is beyond the Robot at the moment.  He enjoyed sticking his finger through the holes though to the next page.  Like with the animal book above, cartoon pictures of animals are just not that appealing.

That’s all for this month…  I love to hear about what books your little ones read, please do share this with me?

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