Robots Reading Round Up #5

Robots Reading Round Up #5

It’s that time of the month again and it’s time to take the library books back and get new ones!  The Robot was a little poorly last time we dropped the books off so we quickly grabbed four new ones without any thought whatsoever!    I think I have been over analysing the type of books he reads, trying to pick good ones so we will see if this collection is any different…  On to the books:


This cute little touch and feel book made it up into the bedroom for some reason!  We normally keep the library book downstairs and keep the rest upstairs, but being about bedtime we decided to make an exception.   To call this a touch and feel book is pushing it a little.  The front cover/first page is a furry teddy and to give it credit did get a little stroke from the Robot.  The rest of the pages however are not touch worthy at all.  Just pictures of bed time things.  The last page does have a little story book to flip at the end so does redeem it a little.   Thumbs neutral on this one!


We loved this book.  It’s all about transport and the Robot loves anything with wheels.  The one thing that could have made this book A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is if it had actual sounds rather than just the text of sounds.  It’s colourful, vibrant and has a little recap lift the flap section at the back.  Thumbs up for this one!

Thomas & Friends – Percy The Cheeky Little Engine

This is the first time I have introduced the Robot to Thomas & Friends.  I know one day he’ll adore Thomas but at the moment he struggles to sit and listen to a story book.  He just wants to turn pages and lift flaps.  I persevere with the story while he plays with something else.  I love the rhyming nature of these books.  They are lovely.  Thumbs up from me but down from the Robot for now.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Rainbow!

I am a big Mc Fly fan and when I spotted this book all shiny and new on the library shelf I snapped it up.  Colourful and full of poo!   It came in at the right time too as I’ve had a bit of a yellow week and was able to point out all the yellow things in it.   The same problem as the Thomas book though, the Robot is just not following the story of the book at the moment.  I am sure one day with a love of dinosaurs and what will probably be a love of poo too he’ll find this book as funny as I did!  Thumbs up from me and a thumbs unsure from the Robot!

That’s all for this month…  I love to hear about what books your little ones read, please do share this with me?

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  1. My youngest used to love the touch and feel books. He loved them so much that he would cry when we had to return them. And yes to the ones with the sounds, though this Mummy isn’t a huge fan of noisy books hahaha… Thomas has always been a staple favourite as well. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  2. I’d not heard of the McFly one so will look that up. My little one still likes the touch and feel ones even though she is three and anything to do with transport definitely has our vote.

    We are currently enjoying books about monsters so Monster’s Bedtime and Love Monster and the Scary Something are big favourites. Plus we always come back to Hairy Maclary and Slinky Malinki


  3. Yes, if the sounds book did make sounds that’s would be pretty awesome. We’ve been trying ‘what the ladybird heard’ this month as Zara had it for a birthday present. Would definitely recommend for when they are a bit older, lots of farm animals and colours!

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