Robots Reading Round Up #4

Robots Reading Round Up #4

It’s that time of the month again and it’s time to take the library books back.  This selection of books I chose for the Robot.  He was too occupied looking at the library fish to help.  I picked ones with lift up flaps because on the last round up he just loved them.  On to the books:

Whose Nose and Tail and Toes are Those?

This is a really simple lift the flap book.  Lift the flap to find out whose tail, nose and toes are those.  The Robot had very little interest in it.  What I thought would a good book for him turned out the other way.  Whether it was because he’s not too interested in cartoon pictures I am not sure.  Sorry, this time it’s a thumbs down.

Lift and See Farm

As I mentioned above about the cartoon pictures of animals were a bit of a thumbs down.  Lift and See Farm has actual pictures of animals. You have to match the “fur” of the animal by lifting one of three flaps on each page.  The Robot hasn’t quite grasped the matching element of the book, he likes to lift the flaps though.  It may be a coincidence but he seemed to like the kitten flap the most.  We will give this book a thumbs up!


Another guess the cartoon animal book.  This time you have to slide pieces of the book up and down to reveal the animal.  I personally love the simple black and white illustrations with a dash of colour but it really doesn’t interest the Robot.  I love the concept but unfortunately we’re giving this one a thumbs down.

Bizzy Bear Space Rocket

This has to be the first book about space that I’ve shown the Robot.  Bizzy Bear rhymes throughout which makes it a pleasure to read.  The Robot loved all the movement elements in it.  There are loads of extra little fun bits in the illustrations to point out.  Yes, there are sandwiches in space.   This is a thumbs up from us!

Thats all for this month…  I love to hear about what books your little ones read, please do share this with me?

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