Robots Reading Round Up #2

Robots Reading Round Up #2

Welcome to the second edition of Robots Reading Round Up.   This week we are going for a bit of a wild theme for The Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild challenge.   I called into the library to see what we could find, by the end of my search we had a pile of 10 wild themed books.  I chose the following four.

30 Days Wild counter 9

What Can You Spot? I the wild. Lots of bright and wild animals on the front cover.

I hadn’t realised that this book had a 2+ age limit on it when I bought it home.  I just thought it was a wonderful and colourful book by Autumn Publishing.  It is probably a little advanced for the Robot, he doesn’t know what all the animals are let alone trying to find them on a page.  I however love it and enjoyed looking for the toucan on each page.  Maybe this will be one to revisit when the Robot is older!

Grr! Wild Animal Friends - Picture of a Lion and parrot on the front cover

Each page of Wild Animal Friends by Templar Publishing has a wild animal on it.  Each double page spread has a parrot flying through it too, and one page on each spread has a touchy feely element to it.  Bright and colourful, out of the four books it’s the one that the Robot seems to pick out first.  So I do believe it’s a thumbs up from the Robot!

Slow Snail by Mary Murphy. A big rock with a cartoon snail on top.

I picked out Slow Snail because of the bug element, it’s published by Baby Walker.  It’s a really simple book and each page allows you to say s.l.o.w.l.y in a really slow and silly voice that the Robot loves.  I actually got him to sit still and we got to the end of the book without having him crawl off or chew the book. Result!   The slug has a shiny silver trail throughout the book and I think it’s really tactile.   A simple effective book, it’s a thumbs up all round!

Hello, Bugs! A big yellow bee on the front of a black background

Hello, Bugs!  Another bug book, but this I choose for nostalgic reasons.  Black and white images are great for newborns, and Dave raved about it when the Robot was so little and would follow the black and white books around. This one is published by Bloomsbury.   Each page has a new bug on, it’s not just black and white, each bug has a shiny colouring.  The bugs all say something, and I love how the ladybird says “scurry, scurry”.   The spider also says “dingle, dangle” too, each page makes me smile.   I’m giving this a thumbs up too!

Picture of the Robot with a book shelf behind him and books on the floor text says Robots Reading Round Up

Thanks for reading.  Have you got any favourite books to read with your little ones?  Do let me know so I can look out for them.



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  1. The classics are my favourites. I still love Dear Zoo even though my son really has grown out of it. We haven’t read the bug books but they look great for newborns. Thanks for linking up to #kltr and sorry I am a little late this month I have been on holiday

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