Robot Review: Hatley Toasty Paws

When the Robot was born we were given this adorable onesie by Hatley.  At the time it got stashed in the 6-9month pile  ready for when the Robot made it that far. The Robot has always been a couple of months behind in sizes so now at eight almost nine months we get to have some wear time!!


The slogan on the back says 100% Cozy – Keep those teeny weeny fingers and toes warm! This infant bundler is equipped with fold-over mittens and booties.  It’s definitely true, I’ve not been able to resist picking him up for a cuddle because he is so soft, warm and cozy! Let’s face it who couldn’t resist this:  It’s great to have an outfit that has a zip instead of poppers for a change. It makes nappy changes a doddle and let’s face it if anything can make a nappy change quicker I am all there with bells on!


The Robot has been a little poorly this week and has lived in this most days.  As it is so warm and soft he just has a vest on underneath and is ample for my normally warm baby!

The arms and legs have fold overs. The Robot likes his hands free but we’ve kept the feet covered. It’s nice to have options as every baby is different!

Lastly the colour is so vibrant and I love the little tractors, it certainly suits my little man!  The quality is top notch too so I think this will become a hand me down for many years!

I went to have a look at the Hatley website to see what else they stock and all their outfits have really cool designs and definitely worth a look if you have some pennies spare!

Now I need to go and email my brother the link to this to say thank you for buying it for his nephew!!

Robot Review 5 out of 5!

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    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks! I think if I owned one I’d live in it! I let the robot live in his for a fair few days before washing! I’ll have to make do with the cuddling for now!!

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