Robot on the Rocks

Before you start wondering whether I’ve created a new cocktail, I’ll stop you there. Robot on the Rocks is a tale of unexpected adventure. One that unbeknown to us would make a washed out day magical again..

The day started at 2am. when Dave, who had worked late, no, not till 2am, but a bottle of potent wine and several Black Adder episodes later, came to bed.  Waking me up.  Thankfully my Mummy super shattered powers meant after a quick wee (toilet not bed) I was asleep again in minutes… Till 4.30am when the Robot boy woke up.

No amounts of tactical boob or cuddles could make him sleep again so by 5am we were downstairs watching some gosh awful kids programmes.  We, being not Dave. I figured I wouldn’t see him for a loooong time.  The Duplo was out, the cars were out, we’d eaten toast, oranges and raisins.

The Robot doesn’t do indoors so at 6.15 he brought me his wellies requesting the park. Son, we’re in our PJs it’s not happening.   By 6.30 we were dressed and ready to leave the house, ulterior motives on my part.  The Robot loves bacon at the moment.  I wanted bacon.  All I had to do was tell him we’re going to the shops for bacon and he followed.

A beautiful sunny day to toddle to the shut shop (our affectionate name for a small open shop).  Saturday morning though meant only trades men and newspaper buyers were about.  I even contemplated buying a newspaper but figured reading it would be impossible.

Arriving home at 7.50 and making a 5 minute walk last that long, Dave appeared at the top of the stairs.  He felt guilty for laying in while I parented. Got to love him, he got up and made coffee.

Struggling to stay awake at this point I went to bed leaving our tale until around 9.50 when Robot whinge woke me.  It seems they had tried painting. In a  hung over state I’d never attempt on my own.  Hence the screaming, and paint everywhere!

The bacon! Can’t believe I almost forgot the bacon.  Dave made us all a big breakfast which is just what we all needed.

Now we attempted family time. The Robot was melting down by this point, it seems the 4.30 start was too early for him too.   There was a steam train due to leave and we thought we’d wheel the boy to go and see it.  Within minutes he was asleep and although we carried on walking for a bit both Dave and I decided extra naps were in order. At home we all slept till midday.

A washed up morning wasted in the name of survival and parenting a small person.

We all woke up still not feeling tip-top so we sat in the garden feeding the Robot snacks while we soaked up the sun and drank tea.  It was pleasant but let’s face it a tad boring.

Dave came up with a pond. Back in August we visited Brockholes, while there we signed up to The Wildlife Trust.  We have a book telling us where all the nature is in the area so thought we’d check out the pond in Over Kellet.

RObot with his Daddy lookin in the pond

With a promise of frog spotting the Robot came willingly but with much disappointment we saw non.  In fact the pond wasn’t exactly thriving.  Non the less we were out and decided to explore a foot path on the other side of the pond.

To our delight we spotted our first ducklings of the year.  The Robot ever the copier right now was going aaar at them because I was (that’s a cute aaar not a pirate one).

5 little ducklings

Venturing on we followed a footpath up a slope that warned us of livestock in the fields, hey, more nature to show the Robot. Maybe lambs!   When we got to the top we were greeted with green grass lushness and a craggy stone hilly area. It was really beautiful.  No livestock to be seen.

Robot in on the grass near a tree

We enticed the Robot onto the crag and he started to enjoy the rocks, climbing and jumping all over them.  He was in his element!

RObot in the rocks

One thing that the boys have started doing since our trip away in the Lakes last week is a weird screaming ‘bigger boys’ run. It’s a great way to turn the Robots mood around and getting him to walk a bit further but…

I’m totally not with them when they’re doing it!!

Anyhow it turned into a magical afternoon of some serious family fun!   Hope you get the Robot on the Rocks reference now:

Robot and Dadddy on the Rocks


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