Red Sensory Box

Red Sensory Box

A month or so ago I started a bit of a sensory box adventure.  It’s a slow burner but one that I am going to develop over the coming months.  Red just reminds me of my favourite season Autumn so I figured I’d start off with a Red Sensory box.

Red Sensory Tub for babies and toddlers - What to put in it and what level of play they also get out of it

Coloured rice has to be my most favourite of sensory items as it keeps for ages stored in zip locked bags.  It’s also really easy to colour, heres how;

Get a bag of cheap white rice, put in a bowl. Get some food colouring (I used the stuff in tubes) add a few drops. Mix it up so all the rice us coloured. Add more colour if necessary.  Spread the rice out on baking parchment to dry out.

The best thing about rice is that it’s easy to pour and stir, it makes a pretty cool noise and if you’re anything my like my son, it’s okay to eat too.  It’s not going to stain your carpet and once you’re finished, what you can’t save, you can hoover up!

What do I put in my Sensory Box?

After the base ingredient of the rice anything goes.   As we are focusing on a red box I raided the toy box for anything red first.  It’s surprising how many stacking toys and bits you can find of one colour when you start looking.   I also went in my fabric and paper boxes and found ribbon and card too.   Don’t forget to look in the kitchen utensils too!  It really is a anything goes play option.

When setting up a box I really recommend doing it when the baby or toddler is asleep.  I found when I did a similar yellow box that he wanted to get at it straight away leaving no time for me to take pictures before hand!   Lesson learnt this time.  I set the area up and left the box in the middle ready for when he woke up.

Red Sensory Tub for babies and toddlers - What to put in it and what level of play they also get out of it

The Sensory Box:  A box with things in to stimulate play in little people using a variety of senses.

Sight:   From the off this box is bright and colourful, the colour of Autumn, it is very appealing.

Touch:  The best thing EVER!  Well I can only assume this is the case as he’s got his happy face on and proceeds to send the contents of the box flying back and forth.

Sound:  Using rice is a good idea, its small and it makes a pretty awesome sound when moved around.  All the bigger bits too to bang together and make a noise.

Taste:  I trust the Robot not to eat things that he’ll choke on and as this is rice and his toys there isn’t anything that can do him damage.   He of course tasted the rice.  A few times, I can only think it tasted nice.

Smell: Not really a smelly activity this time, did you see my vinegar and xantham post a month ago?  That did smell horrible!

Red Sensory Tub for babies and toddlers - What to put in it and what level of play they also get out of it


The best is yet to come, putting the camera away I could really get involved and play with the Robot showing him how it’s done.   Stirring and spreading rice everywhere.   Picking it up and chucking it around.   He really does get involved with this type of play.

As this was a colour focused activity I have been using and pointing out red things all week. He’s still a little young to know what I am going on about but I think eventually it will pay off and he’ll get to know his colours quickly.

I always like to hear of others doing sensory play, please tell me if you do this too?

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    1. isntitpretty

      I’ve got a couple of different size containers. The best thing about this is that if they get bored of the activity but you don’t want to tidy it up you can just put the lid on it and bring it out again for them later. Red is a good colour!!

  1. This is such a great idea! I love the idea of doing different coloured sensory boxes, an idea I havent come across previously. I also love the fact that it appeals to the five different senses which makes a lot of sense, but is something I havent consciously considered when I’ve made sensory boxes in the past. I definitely want to give this a go with the little ones! Emily #FamilyFun

  2. I am a massive sensory rice fan! We have so many stored at the moment, and at least one on the go at all times! I haven’t successfully added a scent yet so that is on my list of things to try! I love the red – it is so vibrant! And I am so glad I am not the only one who makes it like that (all of the online recipes are so complicated and add extra things, but it works perfectly the way you described)! #messandplay
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