Reasons I want to blog

It really has started to dawn on me that I really need to consider this. I’ve recently got back into Twitter and I’m following some amazing folk who are good at blogging. So much so I feel inferior!

Putting my inferiority complex to one side for now, why am I doing this?

I’ve blogged on and off for 15 years, yes believe it, 15 years! Why you ask am I Unknown?  I’ve always wanted to write but I’ve never been interested in anything enough to write about it!

I am very crafty, a few years back I started a craft blog. Hold on a second, I just don’t have the patience to write tutorials and take pictures and I really don’t have the inclination to create my own ideas! Pinterest I love you!

During the early 2000s we were encouraged to blog on my degree, although I scraped through with a respectable 2:1, again just not interesting!

All those years in between… Boring!

Now I’m a mum. I’ve got this little bundle of joy, I’ve got daily challenges, passion, life! How exciting, I want to shout out about it, write about it, dare I say brag about it!

So reason number one: I’ve found something I’m interested in.

Next, I’ve always wanted to write, be a better writer, write a book. I think I need to practice and what better way to do this than on a blog! I don’t aim to be perfect or endlessly funny or entertaining but I’ll try.

Reason number two: I want to write. I want to be a better writer.

Lots of people make a career out of blogging. Most people just do it for fun.  I need to cling on to the later with both hands. I have to do this because I enjoy it and it’s fun!  I’ve fitted well into the world of motherhood but there are times I worry my brain is going stale and all I think about is baby! What better way to keep my mind active!

Reason number three: I want to.

Being a mum is a 24/7 job, I see a lot more of these 24 hours now than I used to. Yes, a high percentage of the awake time is entertaining a baby but I believe that I can make the time to blog about and around my little one! Please don’t tell me otherwise!

Reason number four: I have the time.

There you have it  4 reasons and 4 things I have to remember on this little journey of mine.  Anything else is just a bonus!


  1. It’s really important to keep reminding yourself why you blog, I think. Keep this list somewhere safe to take a look at on days when you feel you’ve lost your way a bit. This happens to me regularly! We all have different reasons of course but yours are definitely good ones.

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