Really Rubbish #abc123challenge

I think that I’ve got into the habit of giving these weekly round ups a negative title, having a mini moan then launching into all the happy bits from the week. Really Rubbish. Are you okay with that?

Really I should just have a moan post and a happy post but I quite like my current weekly posting schedule, it’s become a routine that I’ve been able to stick to.

This week has been up there as one of my toughest parenting weeks to date. I think even new born CABS was easier. Toilet training. I’d mentioned a few weeks back the Robot has been taking an interest in it. Well on Saturday he declared he wanted his pants on. Wee’ve not looked back.

It’s been very full on, I’d always been dreading it so have waited for Robot to take the lead with when to start. I’m glad really because he’s doing really well. He’s not mastered number twos yet but he has had very few wee accidents.  It’s exhausting though, working it all out, the constant battles of toilet fun. I’m now glad it’s the weekend and dave can take some of the slack!!

I guess we should move to the..

Happy Bits

A moment of reflection of my week gone by, taking a look at all the happy:

– Spending an afternoon with friends at a birthday party. It was perfect and with wine on offer!

– A lovely outdoor nature playgroup that the Robot thoroughly enjoyed.

– Actually surviving day trips out without the Robot wearing nappies. Accidents happened but it being sunny means it’s just not that bad!

– Heading to visit Mum so I could buy more shorts for the Robot and a sneaky trip to the ice cream parlour.

baby cabs sat playing and looking up at me

– Happy trips to the park.

– Taking CABS on a solo trip to the Lancaster baby lab for a study in visual weight perception. It was nice just going out with us.

– I may have had a McFlurry on the way home.

– Enjoying the garden space and chatting to my neighbour and her 1-year-old

– Dave taking pity on me and suggesting tea out on Friday night. It was really lovely end to the week, resulting later bed times but I didn’t care!!

That’s it for this week. This weekend we have lots of friend commitments so think we will have a busy yet fun one. I’m waiting for the boys to wake up now so I can whizz out on a bike ride.

Have a good week x


  1. Oh Karen it’s really lovely to catch up on your news but I’m so sorry things are a bit tough at the mo. Well done Robot with his determination to use the toilet – it seems hard at the moment and I remember the nerves of going out but when they take the lead it means this part doesn’t last very long and you’ll all get into the groove of being without nappies! I love the confession about the McFlurrie! Take care lovely – I always love seeing all your creations on Insta but have missed reading your updates on the blog so it’s good to be back. xx #familyfunlinky xx

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