R is for Reading

Reading books is something I truly believe in as a form of entertainment to my children. Books are not just for bed time and some days when I get to the end of the day and we haven’t managed an extra reading session or two I’m always a little sad.

It’s often because we’ve been that busy but it means we try a lot harder the next day. I’ve always enjoyed reading myself and I know I should make time to read just a bit more.

How do we fit reading into our children’s lives? The best way I’ve found is to have piles of books everywhere in the house. Our lounge has them scattered around, stuffed down the side of the sofa from a reading session. In the bathroom, on the landing, all over the Robots bedroom. A visual reminder of something fun.

a pile of kids books

Doing this means I regularly get thrust a book saying “can we read this Mummy”. As tempting as it is often is to say “maybe later” I stop what I’m doing and oblige. All in effort to foster a positive relationship with books.

Books instead of TV. I think I mentioned in this post that I have a love hate relationship with the TV. One of my main goals in the day is to keep the TV off. If the Robot has had a long day with a lot of TV his mood and attitude changes, if I can fit a reading session in instead I will.

Where do you get your books? I used to work for a bargain book wholesaler and know the true cost of books. Buying them full price makes me cringe because I know how much the publishers sell them for. Honestly it’s shocking! Fortunately for us there are places to go for cheap good books:

The Library

They’re FREE! Seriously if you don’t use your library regularly you need to start now. The kids can take out 20 books at a time at no cost, no late fees, no quibbles if they’re broken or chewed. They have weekly rhyme times, songs and activities, plus all those shelves make the perfect place to run around! It’s a good toddler outing.

It’s also good for my sanity, we tend to keep library books downstairs and our books upstairs. It makes it easier to keep track of them. We read more in the day because of it and the Robot often hones in on one book he wants to read ALL the time. If it’s a library book at least we have to take it back and change it after a couple of weeks!!

Charity Shops

If you want your own book stash then hit the charity shops. You can often pick books up for pence and if your selective and go often you can often pick up some really good quality books.

Bargain Book Shops

You can pick up brand new books from these shops often in bundles at discount prices.

A bunny wheely bunny book holder

I like to choose books that are easy and fun to read for me too. Sometimes stories kids books are just too hard to read and make me pull my heart out. Things that rhyme are my favourite they have a brilliant rhythm and are a pleasure to read.

Julia Donaldson has my heart I love them and always do a little squeal when I spot one in a charity shop!!

To finish off I hope that this will have inspired you a little bit to try read to your kids a little more. I think it’s beneficial all round!  Even when they pick up a book themeselves and just have a flick through at the pictures, reading them:

Robot sat reading his own book



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