Quite Tough #abc123challenge

We’ve been on holiday this week just gone. I demanded to Dave that our first proper camp with the kids needed to be a lot less remote than our usual Scottish trips so we opted for Northumbria. With family and friends nearby I figured it would be better should everything go wrong we can bail to them! What I didn’t think we’d encounter was all the wind!!

All the nice weather and beach visits we’ve had recently meant that the attraction of finding a campsite next to the beach was high. I found a nice basic one near Druridge Bay. The wind really put a dampener on our first few days away but I don’t want to dwell on it because essentially we had a nice time. I’ll save it for another blog post, for now on to…

The Happy Bits

– A fun day with my Mum at home while I got some pre-holiday tidying and packing done.

– Baby CABS sitting unaided for the first time:

Baby cabs sitting on grass

– Having the stove in the car for cups of tea anywhere!

– The fun fuelled excitement of going to go camping.

– The fun of visiting Castles and discovering their many rooms to jump out of scaring each other.

robot standing in the window of some ruind castle

– The Robot getting to drive the car on the campsite.

– Baby CABS sleeping through the night two nights in a row.

Baby cabs fast asleep in the tent

– A lovely evening at the pub, nice food and nice weather meant everyone was happy!

– Evening strolls on the beach, if you can call what the Robot does a stroll.

– Day time strolls along the beach with a cafe visit of extreme proportions.

The boys walking aheahd on the beach. the robot is playing with a stick

– Walking on walls (The Robot)

– The wind dying down and the sun arriving while we packed up for a leisurely exit to the camp.

– Having a nice tent set up to allow the kids to hang out.

Cabs and robot hanging out at the tents

– Putting away dry tents!!

– It wouldn’t be a holiday without a trip to the trains. Happy men in my life.

– Visiting Dave’s sister for a night. Such a pleasure.

– Making the right decision to come home a couple of days early!!

There you have a nice little snap shot of our holiday. I’m sure I’ll write-up a post soon when my mind finally melts the things I don’t want to remember away!

This weekend is going to be a relaxed one with chores and making sure we can get back in the zone of non holiday life. Hope you have a good one!

Here’s a snapshot of my Makes for the month:

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  1. Ok it’s been an age since I’ve been on your blog and there is baby number 2! Belated congrats! Impressed with early adventures already! Also how do you fit in 2 children and crafts! Amazing lol#familyfunlinky

  2. Mother of 3

    Yay! For two nights of sleeping through the night!!! That’s wonderful. Must be all the fresh air. Sounds like you had a fun time despite the weather. #familyFunLinky.

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