Quiet Time #30DaysWild The Final Day

The final day of a challenge is a special one. A time to reflect back on all the things we have done but also find a little peace quiet amongst our busy lives.

With little people though it can be hard to find the quiet times in the day. At 11 months the Robot is getting in everything and going everywhere, unless he’s sleeping, he’s always very active. Here are a few quiet activities that we do together.

How to Play Quietly

Read books. We are big believers in  reading to children and a lot of our time is spent with books. We have found some favourites in Robots Reading Round Up.

Sing Nursery Rhymes or songs.  Ok so this isn’t that quiet but it is a way to engage and occupy your child.  Why not try quieter songs, a favourite of ours is Sleeping Bunnies:

See the little bunnies sleeping till it’s nearly noon
Shall we wake them with a merry tune?
They’re so still, are they ill?
Wake up little bunnies!
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop, hop, hop – Hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop, hop, hop…

Go for a walk. Being out in the fresh air is great for the mind and soul.  The Robot loves to look around and watch what is going on.  It certainly feels quiet!

Use Toys.   If you are lucky sometimes letting them entertain themselves works, I am not saying leave them on their own! The Robot can get so involved in the toys he’s playing with that he’ll entertain him self.  I can sometimes get away with sitting down and drinking a cup of tea while watching him!

I’m pretty sure there is loads more ideas out there, but for now these are our tricks, do share any more in the comments.  For now I want to take a look at some quieter #30DaysWild activities for the final day of my challenge.

The Final Day #30DaysWild

30 Days Wild COunter 30

One of the Random Acts of Wilderness that I really wanted to take part in was to fall asleep in long grass.  Unfortunately I was unable to do it due to my nearly one year old.  It did however remind me of our recent trip to Scotland, a sneaky nap on a bench, I know my eyes are slightly open but it’s because I heard Dave moving:

Karen is laying down on a bench, the Robot is sat in his backpack fast asleep too

As this happened in May I felt I had to do something else…  Take a nap with some wild sounds, over to You Tube:

I can’t say that I actually napped but I have enjoyed listening to it while I write this blog post, I feel very calm!

At the start of this blog post I talked about the final day of a challenge, it is indeed the last day of the #30DaysWild Challenge.  It’s been fun to complete, some of my favourite activities were:

Nature Exploring the Garden

Lunch with Foulshaw Ospreys

Buzzards, Bats & Best Friends

Do you know what?  It’s not over yet.  I made a list of over 30 things.  I won’t be doing them all at once but here are all the things I’ve missed…  Make a bird feeder, visit Leighton Moss, Found out about badgers, catching moths, walked up Warton Crag and making seed bombs.   Then create a wild face mask out of mint, make a den, watch a sunset, watch a flower sunbathe, make a bark boat and played in a grass band.  The list will be endless, but it is safe to say that getting out doors and capturing our wild side is something my family and I will continue to do throughout the year.

How do you celebrate your wild side? I’d love to know!

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week is the letter Q for Quiet.

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?

ABC123 Blue Building Block



    1. isntitpretty

      I like to complete a challenge! Gives me a sense of achievement! I’ve got to be interested in it though! I looked at the 30 day challenge but couldn’t bring myself to start it!!

  1. Ahh lovely, quiet time in nature is one of my favourite times. I’m always surprised by the quiet patches in my toddler’s life. I think. Always imagine he’s full of noise and rambunctiousness but of course there are moments – often outside when calm does descend. He likes to watch bees, this can prove quite relaxing….for a few moments anyway! I agree with Laura, camping is almost…almost sleeping in grass!!Look forward to hearing more of your wild adventures, with or without the framework of a challenge #ablogginggoodtime
    Lucy at occupation: (m)other recently posted…Donning My Big Blog Hat for the Day – BML16My Profile

  2. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s activities in 30DaysWild! Even if it has been a bit wetter than everyone expected! I think it’s so important to find quiet time in every day, for self reflection and just to give your mind space to breathe. Especially true when you’re a busy toddler running riot I think! Thanks so much for linking up to #SharingtheBlogLove – I really hope you’ll join us again next week!

  3. I’ve only just stumbled across your challenge but it sounds like you had a great time achieving it. Both my girls are in school now but we used to love reading books and the girls still love their bedtime stories now. Love your go at sleeping in tall grass, perfect mum pose, sleeping with one eye open! X #Sharingthebloglove

    1. isntitpretty

      It’s great seeing kids have a love of books at every age. It’s been a fun challenge, you get out this weekend and explore your wild side, the girls will love it!

  4. That is awesome you completed your challenge!!! What a cool challenge to be apart of.

    I like the wild sounds. I use a white noise app on my phone and sometimes my laptop and put on ocean waves to get the little on to sleep, but at the same time, it relaxes me as well. I like the idea of napping in long grass, I really want to do this now! Thanks for the inspiration! #triballove

  5. Well done for completing the #30DaysWild challenge and I love the sound of the #ABC123 challenge as well! Love that photo of you having a nap on the bench while Robot naps and falling asleep in long grass sounds lovely – and almost impossible to do with a small child around! Good luck with trying to do the rest of the things on your list #SharingtheBlogLove
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…The Friday Focus – 01/07/16My Profile

  6. These kinds of challenges sound fun and like a great way to help you come up with new and interesting blogging ideas. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures into the wild and your lovely pictures. Glad you decided to do it. I will have to think about the #ABC123 challenge.
    Sarah@teammomlife recently posted…Monthly Mile ClubMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Awww thanks, something I’ve started to realise is that my abc123 challenge is what you want to make it. I’ve dropped things and adapted as I’ve gone along, on week R next week and looking forward to the end!

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge looks like you had fun! Sleeping bun us is a big favourite in our house too, although it’s not overly quiet as when the hop hop hop kicks in the toddler jumps around like crazy. Falling asleep with a nearly one year old is a challenge wherever you are but if ever there is a place to try the long grass sounds good to me! Xx #ablogginggoodtime
    Tammymum recently posted…My darling Toby, as you turn one. My Profile

  8. It’s been a great challenge and I have enjoyed seeing everyone take part. I think I could sleep on a bench most days 🙂 I have quiet time with Alice, while Holly is napping. We play board games that we can’t do with Holly and read stories. I agree it’s important. Thank you for linking up to #SharingtheBlogLove x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…New School, Husband Home and Race for Life…Happy Days #15My Profile

  9. Cat

    Sounds like you enjoyed the challenge and it’s great that you’ll continue with outdoor adventure! We love the outdoors – even if it’s just the garden 🙂

  10. Drawing was always something we did as a quiet activity – although it was often followed by what shall I draw. My dad always used to say a cheque. And when I used to practice my musical instruments and asking what I should play he helpfully would always suggest over the hills and far away. He loves me really ! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo and sorry it’s taken me a while to get here x
    Stephanie Robinson recently posted…Post Comment Love 8 July 2016My Profile

  11. Oh yeah for quiet times. We love reading books in my household too. We started really young with the first one but haven’t been able to keep that up with the second one. I still try to read to her sometimes but most of her other reading, she just hears it when I read to her brother. Even though this “second hand” listening is still good, I wish I could read to her exclusively as well.
    You wrote about the quiet time you sometimes get when your little one entertains himself allowing you a cup of tea. I get that with my cup of coffee sometimes. I think that allowing kids the time and creative space to entertain themselves is really important for nurturing independent thinking and learning. You’re doing great. Keep at it.

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