Quiet Play Pattern Club Quilt

This year I have signed up to the quiet play pattern club. Kirsty from Quiet Play has the most amazing foundation paper pieced quilt blocks full of rainbow goodness that I adore every time I see them.

Of course I’m never busy enough so one of the things that I have decided I want to do more of this year is play with paper pieced patterns so signing up was a no brainier!!

A foundation pieced paper pattern is where you sew the quilt block straight onto paper by sewing on the lines. There’s obviously a touch more to it but for those not sure that’s what it is!! The result often has crisper lines than piecing by hand.

Each month Kirsty will send me 3 patterns that I can play with, a word, a picture and one of the many patterns from Kirsty’s back catalogue. The first two are designed to be sewn up into a quilt together. This is what she envisions:

A colourful quilt design In rainbow colours
Picture from Kirsty @ quiet play

I do love a rainbow, and Kirsty uses a lot of Kona cotton solids, way more than I’ll ever be able to have in my own collection.

The patterns joined into a quilt like this is of course very inspiring and perfect for a sewing room wall, one that I plan to have one day.

My plan is not use a solid rainbow like this, because I won’t be buying any more fabrics for it. What I do have is a mini collection of liberty fabrics that I really hate not using, they are too pretty not to and too precious for giving away. So I’ll use them!! They are all very small pieces, no bigger than a fat 16th so I’ve decided to shrink the patterns to 75% to spread the fabric and the cost out!

Here’s my liberty collection:

A selection liberty print fabric in a variety of colours

Im definitely a user of fabric and if I can create such a pretty wall hanging that will inspire me everyday I look at it then why not!!

I got my first set of blocks yesterday and I can’t wait to get started….

Look forward to seeing my progress over on my Instagram or Facebook feed and I’ll try share it with you each month or when I manage to get it sewn up!!

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