Quoits for a Toddler

Q is for Quoits, yes, I’ve said it and who knew I’d be writing a blog post about quoits this week. It’s week Q on the #ABC123Challenge and I’ve had to come up with a play activity based around the letter Q that would be fitting for my toddler to play.

Last time I did this challenge I used the word Quiet, this time I’d contemplated Quick ideas or that based around the Queen, but on chatting to my Mum we came up with Quoits. A traditional game that involves throwing a hoop over a spike. I’ve invented my own alternative!

Quoits for a Toddler

The Spike board. I first thought about using sticks in sand and some extravagant game outside on the beach or in the park but time and inclination played havoc with me. It was when I was sat watching the Robot build towers on his board that this stroke of genius hit me. A Duplo board.

I built a cross the built 5 little towers on each end of the cross and one in the centre. Of course I was building this while the Robot was about so he kept adding to the board to make it bigger…

A duplo lego board with spike towers. The robot has flung some paper hoops over them

The Hoops were a bit of a dilemma two but with my relatively small board I decided to make some out of scrap paper.

Two sheets of a4 length ways stick together. Then rolled into a stick and wrapped round into a circle Hoop and stuck with sticky tape. It’s a bit crude but with some tape wrapped around it the shape holds its integrity. We made 3.

Playing this with a toddler involves him standing over the board and placing them over the spike. I did encourage home to have a throw and tried to teach him how to throw like a frisbee but it ended up with a bit of a lob.

He did enjoy the turn taking element that quoits brings. He was very happy to fetch the hoops for the next person to play. A little bit older I’d probably introduce a scoring system but for now it was just fun to play as a family.

After a bit the temptation to play with the Duplo got the better of him and he started building track on the board and using the towers on his carriages. Dave and I then had fun trying to hit the Robots moving targets!

robot built train tracks on my quoits board and is hooping a moving train

The old traditional game of quoits with a low-cost modern child friendly alternative. Go on, you know you want to have a go!!


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