A Walk up Potters Tarn – Staveley

Why is it when I start to write a bit of an outdoors themed blog post I always start to bring up the weather.  I was about to launch in to “The weather has been…”   Nope not this time lovely people I’m not going to mention the beautiful Autumnal clear skies or the crisp fresh breeze at all…   On Sunday we went for a family walk up to Potter Tarn, near Staveley.

Potters Tarn – Staveley

We were in the Stavely area on Sunday visiting a job and thought that we would take advantage of being in the Lake District and go for a walk.  After all a walk in the Lakes was on my November bucket list.   We got the O/S map out and planned a route out that would follow the river, cross it and then head off up the hill to Potters Tarn.

Dave got the job of carrying the Robot today, much to my delight.  The ground was really boggy to start off with, no idea why, and I said I wasn’t going to mention it…  Starting off well:

Dave with the Robot in a backpack on his back

As we were walking down the river we were discussing the main road bridge at Staveley which has been closed since storm Desmond last December (2015).  It was when Dave stopped us in our tracks to point out the remains of the foot bridge we were meant to be crossing.  It really hadn’t occurred to us that the Bridge at Haag Foot would be missing.  I don’t know whose job it is to replace the foot bridges wiped out in flood but more really needs to be done to warn walkers that they are missing.

We studied the map for our next solution, carry along the river in hope we could cross it further back or head down the river to the next road bridge the other way.   We opted down, thankfully not too many miles out of our way.

It was interesting to be walking the small roads in the area, these were roads that Dave and I often cycled many years ago pre-Robot.  A little bit of nostalgia crept into our conversations.  The Robot slept most of this!  When he woke up we had already started our ascent up the hill.  We didn’t get far before he started whingeing to get out the carrier.  What a place to stop, still quite low but beautiful views over the snowy (doesn’t count as weather) hills of the central Lake District.

Robot in foreground views over the lakes in the background

Flasks of tea (hot chocolate for me) drank and snacks (yoghurt for the Robot) eaten we headed off up the hill again.  Only just managing to get the Robot back in the carrier with a bit of jiggling and game playing.  From the comfort of a back pack it is possible to play high-five, shouting Dadda and peekaboo:

Robot with his had over his eyes for a game of peekaboo

Yes, the Robot has discovered hiding under is hat and removing it suddenly with a “here I am” grin on his face as if he was missing all along.  This boy definitely takes after his Daddy!

A little way further and the whinge bob square pants (yes that’s my nick name for him) was in full swing.  It turns out that once you’ve got a walker on your hands they want to walk ALL the time!  We decided to oblige him, we were nearing the top so here are the obligatory Robot walking shots…

Robot walking up the hill lookin gup

robot walking up the hill us looking down

Can you tell he’s only been walking a month, every blog post needs a walking Robot shot..  This is technically his first hill walk in the Lakes.  The other walks we’ve done he didn’t walk any of them so we’ve decided they don’t count.  It always amazes me how much he finds interesting when he’s walking, every new experience means one more shrill of excitement.  It’s heart melting!

We eventually made it to the top, a pretty stunning stone dam holds in the water at Potters Tarn, I failed to take a picture of it but here we are sat on it.  I think you can just about see some wall!

Family shot of us all sat on the wall at potters tarn

We didn’t hang around long and headed down the hill with a walking Robot.  Going down hill is way faster than up.  Part way down we managed to get him back into the back pack so we could pick up the pace and get back to the car before dusk set in.

What better way to end a walk in the Lake District than to visit a pub for dinner, who I might add didn’t have any pasta dishes on their menu for adults.  A random statement to make but one of Dave or I always orders a pasta dish because we know the Robot will eat this.   The Robot loves his tomato based dishes!

I’ll leave you now.  One last thing though, it’s rained ever since! Grrrr.





  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! Your making me think that it might be an idea to try and get more walks done in the lake, before Elliot can walk! In terms of getting from A to B in the set time, however it must have been amazing for the Robot to walk around and really take it all in. Well done for almost staying off the weather topic, even though it was exceptionally good last Sunday 😉 xx
    Josefine recently posted…10 Reasons why I love Baby wearingMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      He he thanks Josefine. Thankfully he didn’t want to walk all of it but he really loves it when he’s holding both our hands and can just run without toppling over. it’s cute.

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  3. What a wonderful walk in the lakes, and a mini milestone for Robot exploring the lakes by foot for the first time. The views as you walked up towards Potters Tarn really do look breathtaking. It’s fab that Robot is getting more and more confident in his walking although it can get a little worrying when they won’t go back into the carrier and the day’s getting shorter can’t it?

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.
    Coombe Mill recently posted…Country Kids 26th November 2016My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Definately, there is a bit of wrestling going on but hopefully we’ll be alright. Not sure how we’ll got on down your way in December but I am sure we will plan accordingly as per usual.

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