Posting Letters to Santa

The Robot might actually be a little bit young to write letters to Santa at the moment but that’s not going to stop us posting things!!

When you get a giant cardboard box I think the aim has got to be to get as much use out of it as possible!!  We’ve already turned ours into a Christmas light box and now we’re on phase two…

Post Box – Posting Letters to Santa

This activity is another that’s been inspired by my local play group. They made us a little post box to post pictures into. The Robot loves it so I decided to replicate it at home, only bigger.

One giant box, with a post box hole.  A bit of text and ta da a post box…

large cardboard boxes with a letter box cut into it. Post letters to santa here are the words written on it.
We have a selection of blank post cards that I thought were perfect for this. Obviously if your kids are old enough then go ahead and write letters to Santa.

All the Robot wanted to do was get posting!!

Robot posting a postcard into the box
A fun little activity that develops as the day goes on. Once all the “post” has been dealt with then it’s on to posting ANYTHING else.  Toy cars, rubbish, junk mail, the remote control, Mummy’s phone, damn… Empty the post box and start again!

When all else fails though the next best option is to post your child…

Post box with the Robot peeping out from inside the letterbox
Santa takes delivery of children, right?

What should I do with my cardboard box next?   I have some ideas but thought I’d ask you lot too!



  1. Such a good idea! My children love posting things too! I love that you are reusing a cardboard box and doing so many creative things with it! I would do a couple of things next – you could fill it with food to give to a foodbank? And once you have emptied it then use it to make a sleigh or a car? I look forward to seeing what you do! #FamilyFun
    chocolateandwineandillbefine recently posted…Advent 2016 – Week 1My Profile

  2. Ha ha – such a cute picture – and quite a Houdini act to get through that small hole 😉 We always used to love playing Post Offices when young – though it generally meant stamping things loudly and indiscriminately ! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and hope you’ve had a fab Christmas x

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