The Night Monster 

People discuss their babies sleep patterns all the time! Especially if they’re rubbish and wake a lot. I however have had it quite easy, The Robot has always slept well, yes he does wake up, normally once sometimes not. It’s been quite good and I don’t like to rub it in when baby group Mums are desperately clinging to their coffee mugs!

**wipe smug face away**

The Robot has a cold, well had a cold two weeks ago and the poor little thing has a lingering cough that just isn’t budging.  It’s getting better but is turning my once good sleeper into a torture device!  It’s horrible listening to him cough like a 70 year old man.  It’s really deep, and consistent.  When I have a coughing fit I drink water to get it to stop, but my 8 month year old doesn’t drink from a cup.  I’m there in a darkened room forcing boob on him to help him stop, it’s really quite comical.  I don’t really like to drug my child too much and always medicate as a last resort.  There is however one that I have discovered that really seems to help.  I thought I would share it with you all.

There are an array of nasal sprays on the shelf at the chemist.  I spent *far too much time* looking at them all, weighing up costs per spray.  This is what I opted for:

Sterimar nasal Spray

The price tag is double, but do ignore the price and look at the size per price.  It is the cheapest on the shelf and lasts longer.  Lets face it too, anything with a dolphin on the front wins my vote too!
 Baby Sleeping
It also wins with this little man.  His cold has mainly gone and during the day he is happy and playing as usual.  Just at night time he turns into my little monster.   Of course I don’t blame him and I will look forward to the day that he sleeps through again.  For now I will smoother him in kisses and cuddle him well again!
How do you deal with the “common” cold?  Are you suffering from sleepless nights?  Do you fancy a coffee?
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