Peanuts #abc123challenge

P is for Peanuts, because peanuts are small and that is what this weeks round-up is all about. The sun has been shining the air is lovely, the kids have got over their bug or whatever it was, it’s been a pleasure!

With pleasurable peanuts about there be no time to write or take photos much so this (in my best pirate voice) be a shorty.

The Happy Bits

A moment in my week to look back and reflect on all the happy bits..

– We visited our first family festival the highest point festival in Lancaster. It was a really fun day and worth the trip out. Here’s the Robot den building of all things:

the robot winding ribbon around a stick den

– Picnics at the park. We had a lot of picnics at the park this week. Some alone and some with friends.

– The Robot is officially a big boy and has requested loads of go’s on the big kid swings!

– Impromptu beach visit. The boys went there by bike and CABS and I went in the car. I bought ice cream while there because there wasn’t a toddler around!!

Robot ans dave at the beach chilling in the sand

– Buying camping supplies, namely the Robots child’s camping chair which he adores.

– Revisiting an old play group that I hadn’t been to since the boy was a baby.  It hasn’t changed and I probably will go back again for the kids sake!

That’s it for this week, I said it was short. As it’s been Robot heavy this week, here’s a picture of baby CABS for a cute fix:

cabs smiling with her eyes closed

Hope you weren’t that disappointed that there weren’t actually any peanuts in this blog post!


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