Pacer app 

My mum for a while now been recording her walks, I have never really been bothered about this until now! Robert and I try and go out for a walk every day and that is fair enough… 27th of March is a long way off but 5× is starting, a challenge where you cover 5k a day for 50 days. There is only one 5k distance I know of in Carnforth and I don’t walk this often, I used to run it, walking isn’t as interesting!! 

So bring on the pacer app so I can track some other distances. What I like the most about it is the steps.  If you asked me how many steps I do I a day I would have said more than i do, so that is a good insight! From now until March 27th my challenge is to beat my steps and find some good 5k routes, some buggy friendly too!

The walks I normally do are only approximately 2k. Not enough for the challenge…I’m going to have to convince some mummy friends to do the challenge with me!! 


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