P is for Play Doh

Play Doh

Those two little words Play Doh certainly have me shiver.  I try to embrace it as much as I can. I even want to be that well-intentioned Mother who makes their own “safe” play doh, but I’m not. We have the shop bought stuff, I even requested it as Christmas present to the Robot (mad).

The Robot enjoys it though, that’s what matters. He enjoys it when people plays with him with it. We oblige.

We have a dedicated box of play doh, all the tools and pots sealed and slightly hidden from view. Played with by request and only a few times a week I hear myself utter those words, “do you want to play with the play doh”. I must then be desperate!

Any way, excuse my pity party, I’m writing this post to share with you a few ways that we make playing with play doh Interesting for us:

Setting up a scene. Giving the play doh with a bunch of craft stuff and shapes is a rare event but makes it a little more exciting for me…

Play Doh Shapes set up

Look what I can make, lots of aliens:

playdoh monsters

And those shapes? These can become lines that the Robot with help can follow. I must try this again soon!!

Playdoh made out of shapes

A spot of baking. We have a load of play doh tools now but one of his favourites is a tiny silicon chocolate mould. It makes the perfect sized mini cakes. I’ve even got over my fear of colours being mixed together;

the Robot has lots of play doh cakes lined out in front of him

Making balls and caterpillar or worms. Balls below, but worms are a hit. Rolling out the play doh as long and thin as we can. They often then get cut up into tiny pieces.

Playdoh rolled into balls in a line

Making shapes. This has to fulfil my Mummy brain the most. I like rolling the play doh flat and letting the Robot cut shapes. It’s like baking without the pressure of having to make biscuit dough!

play doh shapes in a variety of colours

Then have a bit of fun with it after…

Play doh shapes with holes cut out in the middle

A few play doh ideas for you there. All fairly simple and entertaining enough. How do you get on play doh?

Love it or hate it it’s here to stay!!


  1. Laura: Adventures with J

    I love play doh! I am not very creative in my making but I like to roll it. I find it very stress relieving… just me?! We also liketo cut it with scissors.

  2. I love play dough, but I don’t enjoy the clear up! I used to run art workshops for children before I started creating Squidgydoodle craft and party boxes. The play dough table was always very popular. Like you I added in sprinkles, googly eyes, dried pasta, pipecleaners etc. I themed it each week and made my own, so we’d have sparkly white and blue playdough for a winter wonderland. We’d use bottle tops, fabric, sticks and googly eyes to make snowmen. Once I did a transport theme and cut out and painted a cardboard road. The children made houses, cars, churches, playgrounds etc to go around the road! I like adding bits from nature too, especially in Autumn, so you can make woodland animals.

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