Out For a Walk by The River 

Another beautiful Sunday morning.  Again no plans in our household but we like to be out and about.  With a cycling trip planned already for the week ahead we decided to go for a walk.

This is where I introduce the 4th member of the family, Daves Austin Allegro.  Ever since I’ve known Dave he’s owned an Austin Allegro.   This is what we decided to drive out in for this walk.   It is particularly well loved, rusting, but loved non the less!Austin Allegro on a slope

We’ve never walked this section of the River Lune before and Dave always thought it would be a pretty section.  It wasn’t until we had parked up, got our boots on, kitted up the baby and set off that we discovered the diversion sign. Exactly where we wanted to go!

Map of diversion route

It seems the wrath of Decembers Storm Desmond had wiped out the footpath we wanted to use!  Being law abiding citizens we took the diversion route as suggested.

It was still a really pretty walk. It helped that the sun was shining and the Robot was chatting away in the backpack.  We could cross the stream that had wrecked the footpath higher up and we walked down to where it joined the River Lune.  You can see from this picture the extent of the damage:

Stream into Rinver Lune Damage
Can you see the footbridge on the right?  It looks like such a little stream now, it must have had a huge amount of water down it!

After a spot of lunch and the Robot checking the map we decided what to do next.  I decided I’d had enough walking for one day so requested we turn back to the car.

Robot reading Map

Dave spotted it first, on the stream someone had put a sleeper across it. We could cross it safely and return along our initial route along the river.  It was a beautiful stretch of river, woods, fields, ups, down and this curious lamb:


My last picture to share is that of Low Gill viaduct.  Such a beauty, on such a lovely day.

viaduct bridge

A nice relaxing walk by the river!

Diary of an imperfect mum


    1. isntitpretty

      I’d love to come to Holland one day. Just for the kid friendly cycle routes if nothing else! I’ll keep sharing them with you! Our Summer of fun is ahead so I’m sure there will be more!

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    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Katie, I’ll let Dave know it’s loved. Im having a rare lazy day so far I’ve not left the house! Going to have to later though or I’ll fail the 5×50! I don’t like failing!

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