Out and About at 37 Weeks

As I’m about to step into 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow morning, head down, engaged but nothing else, I figured that I really should get this post written before I have to go change the blooming title line (again)!!

We’re so close now to the end and I’ve found myself trying to savour all the last little bits of life as a family of 3.  I’ve found myself fondly looking at my son thinking how amazing he is and how awesome he’s going to be as a big brother. The ever strengthening bond between father son melting my heart. I want to remember all this before no.2 comes along.

With this in mind I’ve foolishly been doing too much and trying to get out and about on mini day trips with the boys.

Firstly, my best friend came to visit last weekend and a good damp weather outing was a trip to the woods.  We’ve been here before if you can remember?   It’s a perfect den heaven, so much so there has been several more built over the summer.

robot poking his head out of the wood den

The Robot loves playing pretend fire building in the dens and helps to collect up a bags of wood for our real fire at home.  We only spent an hour here but it’s just what we needed on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

The next day we took my friend to the train station where we decided to jump on too and spend the day in Morecambe after saying farewell to my friend.  Still so much love of trains… I’ve resorted to car travel as my bumps got bigger, it’s just easier.  It made a change to be going along with them:

Dave and robot looking out the train window

We took to Morecambe prom and down onto the beach, considering the weather has been rubbish we got a really nice day and brilliant views across the bay.

dave and robot looking out over the sea of morecambe bay

It’s been the longest I’ve walked in a while and I’m ashamed by how short and flat it all is! I can’t wait to get baby out and claim my body back, feel seriously unfit!  We stopped at the next bit of beach for a bit of a snack and a flask of hot chocolate.  Just what I needed…

dave and robot eating snacks on the beach

Until I needed a wee and left the boys in search of prom toilets!  When I got back to them they were climbing over the rocks and getting stuck in holes.  Very amusing!   The tide was coming in so I dragged them off the beach to take a closer look at the Eric Morecambe statue.  It’s so close to a kids play park that I thought the Robot would be off to that in a shot but no…

dave posing by the eric morecambe statue with robot looking on

After the obligatory photo (thanks Dave) the Robot spent the next 40 minutes running round the ramp, up and down the steps, chasing the stars… I sat and watched all this happen!   After some lunch we caught the train home again.  A short and sweet day trip.

This weekend and against my better judgement I decided to join the boys on a train journey to ride on the Worth Valley railway.  I failed to take many pictures because I felt so uncomfortable and tired riding the trains to bother.  I took this of the Diesel engine though:

Dave and robot with the Diesel engine

Lesson learnt… don’t ride steam trains and old trains while heavily pregnant!

That’s probably it now for family adventures as a family of 3.  We might manage a couple of strolls around home but, hikes and day trips are out of the question!!

Right now I’m going to put up my feet and do a bit of sewing to take my mind of the waiting…   Sorry no pictures of me and bump!!


  1. It’s great that you’re staying nice and active as the weeks progress, I can certainly understand why you’re slowing them down though. Making the most of being a family of 3 must be lovely but also exciting to consider that soon you’ll be a family of four exploring together. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures when you’re ready to get exploring again.

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  2. Hehe, I can so relate to going round all sorts of places very pregnant, my itchy feet could not stop! I also felt I was making most of last days of being a family of 3 by going out lots with my eldest. Thanks for taking me down the memory lane, the weekend I delivered my 2nd was an Easter filled packed with fun, wrapped with Tate Modern 😉 https://zenbabytravel.com/2016/03/31/made-in-chelsea-easter-bunny-inspired-by-modern-art-tate-modern-does-the-trick/ Best of luck for the next weeks! #countrykids

  3. I can imagine that steam trains are not the most comfortable mode of transport at 37 weeks’ pregnant! Not long to go now! Love the photo of Dave and the Robot with the statue of Eric Morecambe and it sounds like you had a lovely day on the beach. Sounds like you are making the most of these last days as a family of 3. Hope that all goes well with your little one’s arrival x #countrykids

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