Open Wide Pouch Swap

It’s time to share with you another little swap project I’ve been working on. An Open Wide Pouch. This is a swap organised by Lindsey over on Instagram. Stalking, designing, creating and filling a pouch full of goodies for someone else in the world.

The pattern for the pouch is a free one over at noodle head and it’s really easy to follow. I had a few trial attempts at making them before making my final pouch with great success.

3 Open wide trial pouches

I got a partner who was happy for me to make whatever I wanted as long as I had fun. She mentioned mini dresdens and stars so I tried to get some of these in there.

Here’s my make:

my final made pouch

Do you remember the tiny Dresden party? I had this vibrant bird left over which was perfect for this bag. I didn’t have one panel of fabric in these colours for the whole width of the bag so I played with my scraps to do the back all stripes.

I enjoyed making it and I filled it with a few goodies including one of the mini handy pouches I made last month.

Taking Part in swaps is a fabulous thing because you get make beautiful things for someone but with the nature of a swap, you get something back!!

My swap partner was secret, until she contacted me. This was meant to be a secret swap until you received the package but I didn’t mind because it meant I could spy on what she was doing.

Sam was pretty amazing, sending from the USA.  I am the luckiest ever because she jam-packed my pouch with such a lot of things that I was a tad overwhelmed:

a collection of makes I recieved - notelets and things

Thank you!


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