One chocolate button – Our Easter Story

It’s just another weekend for us this year.  I haven’t understood the hype, but then again I’ve never noticed the hype. This year though in the blogging community I’m growing to love we are all posting about Easter, look I’m doing it now!

Maybe next year when the Robot is toddling I’ll get it. The excitement of the egg hunt, the joy of the chocolate covered face, the rubbish Easter craft I try and get him to make!  This year though all the Robot got was One Chocolate Button!

chocolate button
Being on maternity a stay at home mum this year also means that the 4 day weekend is insignificant to me. Every day is just another day. I love my days, my week days have a set pattern, my weekends are slightly different, but Easter, it really is just another weekend!

Dave has worked most of the weekend. He is a self employed plumber, he takes the work when he can get it. This time Good Friday, Easter Saturday & Monday. Everyone I know assumes the weekend is family time, more often it’s not, this weekend is no exception!  It means that I’ve got the Robot and me to entertain without baby groups to attend. All my two Mum friends are doing their own things too, so I’m alone!

It really has been just another weekend!

We have had Sunday though. Dave bought me a chocolate egg. One for himself too. I didn’t buy him one so I’m glad he got himself one!  We went for a long walk together. We had brunch out. We had afternoon naps (The Robot slept for ages). Just generally chilled out together. It was a nice day. I suppose it was our Easter weekend condensed into one glorious day.

What did you do this Easter?  Are you in the same lonely boat?  Did you avoid giving your child chocolate like me?  Do let me know I would love to know!

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  1. Ahh your condensed Easter weekend sounds like a lovely day. Hurray for long naps!
    Same boat with a working husband but a toddling boy (two and a half) did mean we had a fun Easter hunt in the garden and watched an ‘Easter’ film…well it actually wasn’t an Easter film but I sold it as such for the purposes of it being a treat! My son had four small chocolates…he didn’t seem to be bouncing off the walls too much and has forgotten about chocolate today! Don’t think that will be the case next year! #marvmondays
    Lucy at occupation: (m)other recently posted…How To Explain Easter to a ToddlerMy Profile

  2. This was pretty much us last year! My partner works weekends often too and it was just another weekend, but this year A has understood better and we put on an Easter egg hunt, and though I didn’t think he’d get it, he did and he LOVED it. He found the eggs and placed them in his basket and counted them and it was so cute. Hopefully next time, you’ll experience the same! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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