Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Last week the Robot and I took a mini epic solo trip down to the South coast to visit my Dad and the Robots Grandad.  We’ve not been down to Bexhill since the Robot was 5 months old and boy has he changed since then.   After a 7 hour train journey and 5 train changes we arrived for a couple of days of fun.

Having lived near the sea for quite a high proportion of my life I always have some kind of affinity with it.  I love to stare out over the vast blue ocean, I’m often in awe of it.  The wind and smell of the salty air, the strolls along the beach, the many many potential ice creams.  Definitely a happy place and one I think that my little boy gets as well…

Robot sat on the beach of stones looking out over the sea

On the first day of our holiday we took a bus to Hastings for the day with my Dad.  One thing to remember that midweek in school time when it’s not exactly sunny is that the sea front activities are pretty closed down.  It didn’t stop our fun though, and probably saved our pockets from getting lighter.

The main reason for going to Hastings was for the little train on the sea front, it looked pretty shut and we walked the entire length of the track to find a little diesel engine ready to take us back again:

robot sat on the little train at the seaside

A short trip and one he didn’t want to get off but as we all know that the Robot loves his trains, we spotted the cliff railways to entice him on to next..  We opted to go have a ride on the West Hill Lift.  A short ride up through an ancient old tunnel and you arrive at the top and saved our legs of any ache.  This was a highlight for the little man, he told everyone in the carriage about couplings and warning us that we were going to crash (we didn’t).

grandad and robot walking towards the west hill lift cliff railway

The view from the top was of course a good one and even better viewed while eating an orange.  At the top we let the Robot run off some steam up and down the grass hills and then made our way down into the Old Town of Hastings.  Through all the little streets of cobbles and past all the interesting little shops.

The Robot had fun climbing up on all the doorsteps and running down all the “tunnels” (alley ways).  I know I mention this a lot and because it’s true, this boy can walk for miles, it impresses me everyday!

robot and grandad looking out over sea

Back down in the Old Town we went and had a cafe lunch before heading off to the play park.  Fuelled on pasta and milkshake we spent a good hour playing before we had to go home.  The park was a good one and we had so much fun that we didn’t take any photos.  Full of pirate ships, dens, tunnels and activities it was a child heaven.

There are a couple crazy golf courses in Hastings that I can’t wait to visit when the Robot gets a little older, so Dad, remember that!  It was a fun day out and it was not surprising that the little man fell straight asleep on the bus on the way home, and stayed asleep while walking home, missing an ice cream opportunity and even staying asleep when we got home.

Seaside air has that effect doesn’t it!?



  1. Yes there is certainly something about the seaside air, no idea why though. What a lovely day with your family, such a nice thing to be able to visit and have a bit of time together and for the Robot to see his Grandad. I too am always amazed at how far my little people can walk, they literally walk miles some days too, amazing huh? 🙂 #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#Familyfun…Week 42My Profile

  2. My little boy can walk for miles too! Where do they get their energy? My daughter takes after me and can’t even face walking a few metres (not that I blame her).

    I live near the sea and when Greg was a pain for not sleeping I used to walk along the prom then we’d both go home for an afternoon nap! x


  3. So many trains in just one day – my 6-year-old would have loved it! He’s mad into his trains too, and has been for a long time. It’s the Thomas effect, I reckon!
    Anyway I do love being by the seaside too. I grew up in a land-locked part of France, and I’m grateful every day for living by the sea now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! x
    Annette, Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne recently posted…Midsummer camping at Silver Strand / En camping à Silver Strand pour la Saint-JeanMy Profile

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