Oh dear Oh dear #ABC123Challenge

Oh dear, we’ve been pretty lucky on the sick kid front this Winter. Only a few colds to really contend with. This week however the Robot and probably CABS too have been a little poorly and out of character. I genuinely have had to feel sorry for the Robot and cut him some serious chill out slack. Falling asleep during the day isn’t something he does anymore so when on Wednesday he passed out on the sofa I just had to roll with it!

He is in good spirits during the day though so I can’t complain about my little soldier. CABS must have been ill at the weekend. She never cries normally and I had to do a lot of real cry and rock to sleeps with her a few times. Being a baby though I had no real other way of knowing if she was ill or just tired!

The Happy Bits – Our First Camp

This is the bit of my week when I look back and reflect on all the happy moments of my week but this week I’m starting with an extended version from our weekend. We went on our first camp of the year!

The Turner Hall Farm in the Dudden Valley holds so many special memories for us as family. Dave and I have been camping there on and off since we met and now getting to take the kids there is just perfect. It was baby CABS first camping experience and considering she was a bit off she coped really well with the whole experience, better than the Robots first camp! She actually went to sleep at a reasonable hour.

cabs snuggled fast asleep in the tent

The Robot did not but let’s not dwell on that because he did eventually, it was just too exciting. The weather was amazing and we explored the campsite more than we ever have before. Collecting water at the stream for fun, playing on the makeshift swings, climbing all the rocks, looking at the tractors, Dave cooked steak on the camping stove like a pro. It was very idyllic.

boys playing by the stream

cabs chilling by our tent

the campsite set up with 2 tents and a blanket

On the Sunday we visited the Ravenglass Railway for a ride on Lal Ratty on the Robots insistence. Saving money we split the parent team up and I took the kids on the train one way and Dave came to meet us at the next station! At the station we found a tiny Oak tree sapling that we dug up to take and plant at home!

We went back to the same beach from last week too! It was another beautiful day. We only camped one night and can’t wait to do more camping.

More Happy Bits

– Playing at the park with the Robots friends. I love that it’s sunny and we can take a blanket and chill with the kids for a couple of hours.

– My fabric prize from the 30 Quilt Design challenge arrived, it was so much I am amazed:

lots of material!

– Having my Mum back from her holiday meant I got to spend a bit of time with her which is always nice.

– Dave and I went out. My Mum babysat the kids for us and it’s the first proper time we’ve been able to go drinking together since before the Robot was born!

– The Robot being ill is a bit sad but I quite enjoyed cuddling up with him on the sofa watching Toy Story. He’s not seen it before and doesn’t sit through films much so it was a treat!

That’s it I think for this week. I am sure that next week will be full of exciting things and I’ll tell you all about it next week! Karen x


  1. Oh wow camping in this lovely weather does sound fun even with small children. I’m usually totally anti camping, but in lovely weather I can see the joy of the outdoors at night and waking up at first light – assuming you got some sleep in the first place that is! What a lovely camp site with the river right there to play in too. I can see why you like to return here.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…The stag without antlers looks half the beastMy Profile

  2. We did our first camping this year too… the first time both kids slept in til 8am so we went again a couple of weeks later. Let’s just say that they didn’t give us quite the same lie in the second time round! 🙂 #countrykids

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