October Bucket List

The idea of starting a bucket list has been something that has been on my bucket list for some time.  I’ve been putting it off for months, even years.  I’ve recently discovered the Monthly Bucket List over at twinderelmo.co.uk.  So recently that I am jumping on my blog to write this post in the heat of the moment…

I am always worried about failing and it being 6 days into October I have decided to keep my list short.   I keep lists, lots and lots of lists all the time and although I love achieving them I often carry my “to do list” over to new lists.  My habit is loooong lists and not achievable.   The lists are also very blogging related.  I’m very keen to get a bit of my non-blogging life back a bit so I am going to use this NEW feature on the blog to do just this.

Without further or do I announce my list;

– Go and see Bridget Jones at the cinema
– Tidy the shrubs in the garden
– Get up to date with Daves plumbing book keeping
– Tell my Facebook friends and family all about my blog
– Make some pretty patterns on my Instagram feed
– Check and fix the dead links on my blog
– Carve a pumpkin and do everything Halloween!

I’ll be a bit more organised in my November list and put a bit a thought into it.  That may be down fall though!  One thing I will do is take a look at this list and let you know how I get on!  I’m feeling confi



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