My dear boy is becoming obsessed.  I’m not talking tantrums because I’ve taken something off him.  This normally involves screaming out loud until I replace it with something of equal importance.  This is a never-ending list of things; my phone, a cable, something sharp, something small, basically anything he wants that I don’t want him to have.

I’m talking an obsession that is a ritual.  Every morning, every time we’re upstairs.  Even crawling straight upstairs to it if we’ve left the door open.  Every day the same.  We can predict it.

It’s also not the only thing he’s obsessed with.  There is something else that’s creeping up the obsessive ranks and they are very interlinked.  He doesn’t tantrum if we take it away and he always points it out not just in our house but everywhere..  On the train, at the traffic lights, round our friends houses, everywhere…

I’m asking first whether you think this normal?  Think while you read, let me know if your kids do the same.  Are they obsessed with…

robot playing with the radio

The radio?   Every morning without fail he either slides down off the bed or crawls around it and turns it on.  Thank Gosh for the hold switch though as he clicks away at ALL the buttons and rapid changes in radio stations is just not on at 6.30 in the morning!   I’ve even been in with him in his room while we’ve been cuddling asleep on the toddler bed (me secretly watching him sleep) for him to wake himself up slide straight off the bed and thump all the way in the dark to it.  It’s just plain bizarre, he’s even turned down booby milk to do it.

The other obsession which is becoming common place is the light switches.  He has always had a healthy obsession with the lights on the ceiling any way but now he wants to see them work.  I carry him out of the room and he’s grabbing on to the door surrounds to have a go with the light switches.  Not convenient at all when you need to leave the house.  In winter our house is going to flicker.   Thankfully though he’s only 2ft and can’t reach the light switches on his own, but I am waiting for the day he can work out how to climb up.

Robot playing with a light switch
He’s in my arms, not freakishly tall!
As I said they are quite interlinked with each other.  Buttons that make lights work.  Lights.  He really likes lights.

There is something that adds up though… I left him alone with his Daddy the other night for 5 minutes, I came up stairs and he was teaching him to stick his fingers in the little knot holes in the floor boards.   I’ve caught them playing with the light switches before.   Now I’m wondering if his new-found obsessions are stemmed from his Daddy!

Please tell me what your little ones are obsessed with?  Please say this is normal?



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