O is for Obstacle Course

It almost seems a shame to do this activity as the weather has been so good but I suppose it could be adapted to anywhere with a bit of imagination! For the purpose of my O week though we decided to make an obstacle course indoors!

The Obstacle Course

Before we started setting up the obstacle course we cleaned up all of the toys off the floor so we could set up. This was a fab time to hoover the carpet first because let’s face it, it doesn’t happen often!  No fluff or toys in the way we got going moving the furniture for our obstacles..

We used the table for a tunnel, benches for up and under, sofa cushions as trampolines. The outside of it all as a circuit. The best bit is brown tape on the floor for jumping over!

robot running around the obstacle course


The tape on the floor is a brilliant idea.  This tape has been down for a few months, seems a long time but it is a great quick activity for the Robot to do.  He loves to just randomly hop over the lines!  Baby CABS pulled up one of the strips yesterday, not quite sure how she managed that!

We decided to video our run out on the obstacle course.  The Robot has a chat half way through but by this point we’ve run round this a few times already so he’s starting to get tired out!

Doing this is loads of fun and a great way to burn some energy and use his memory.  Each time we try this activity he learns the route and just keeps running it until he tires.

I might try doing the park as a race obstacle course one day to see if he enjoys this.  Do you ever do this as a burn off activity? It’s a great way to end the day and give the kids one last energy zapp. The best thing is once you put the furniture back all the toys are still tidy away!

Bath and bed time!!


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