Number Blocks Lego Fun

It feels like ages since I shared a fun and easy activity with the Robot, so this Number Blocks Lego Fun activity will remedy that. He’s hit pre-school age now and is heading to a pretty nice nursery school for 2.5 days a week. He covers a lot of the learning and play things that we used to do, so much so he’s stopped playing at home so much.

It’s only been 4 weeks but the toy box is a mess and pretty much almost untouched and that makes me a little sad. I’m all for a bit of rest in front of the TV but I want to inject a bit of the good old days of playfulness I’ve enjoyed.

Starting off with a simple interest activity

Number Blocks Lego

He’s really into the TV programme Number Blocks at the moment so I thought I’d set up a mini activity that encompasses it.

Time to raid the Lego blocks. We didn’t have the right colours for the number Blocks so I improvised and made each set of blocks a different colour. Standing them all together made them look lonely so I took the opportunity to draw a simple poster for him to colour in and left it like this as an invitation to play:

Text drawing called number Blocks with Lego block towers around it

When he got home they were an instant hit. Moving them around and reorganising them. Making number 10 into a rocket. The fact I left the pens out at this stage went over his head. Colouring has never been his fortay but it is starting.

Robot playing rockets with the number 10 block

Of course this didn’t last long because he asked to actually watch them on the TV. Not going to argue with a tired boy after nursery I let this happen. When it had finished though he came to join me at the table where I was entertaining baby CABS and started to colour in.  The first real time I’ve seen him willingly do this.

Robot colouring in

Colouring is something the he’s never been interested in before so it was great to watch him scribble, left handed! Thanks to nursery for this one and what happened next. He decided to use the Lego blocks to make a trail.  He laid them all around the room and kitchen for me to follow and pick up. It was so nice for him to have made a bit of a game up for us to play together. It felt like the good old days.

Hopefully this will be the start of some fun play based blog posts again! We shall see.

Happy Play Time xx

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